Organic Mung Bean Fettucine (not ming)

Organic Mung Bean Fettucine (not ming)

I was delighted when a bag of Explore Asian Organic Mung Bean Fettuccine shapes arrived in my box of delights from Nature’s Healthbox the other day. I had seen it online and was curious after trying their Explore Asian a Organic Black Bean Spaghetti a couple of weeks ago with great success.I was keen to find an alternative to some of the blander gluten free options.

Having tried nearly every kind of gluten free pasta out there, whether it be rice, corn or potato based, I was looking for something with more taste…..and I got it. I was expecting not to like it having always called mung beans…..ming beans due to my lack of enjoyment of them. But this pasta tastes good, with or without sauce.

A couple of things I noted with interest. Firstly the packet was ripped open so quickly to get cooking, before I had a chance to take a nice photo (hence the not so attractive shot outside which I had to stick it back together for!). It cooked well and did not end up all stuck together as many gluten free pastas do.

Secondly, how quickly my newly gluten free son wolfed this pasta down…..big hit….for both platefuls that he had. Given that his favourite meal prior to being gluten free was any kind of pasta and as often as he could have it, we take this to be a hefty sign of approval. In fact the whole family enjoyed it. Tastewise, it made me think of traditional spinach fettuccine or tagliatelle in terms of flavour. Subtle and not bland.Thirdly, this stuff is actually quite good for you

  • high in protein  (400% more than others)
  • high in fibre (400% more than others)
  • rich in iron (36% RDA)
  • certified organic
  • vegetarian  and vegan friendly
  • sodium and cholesterol free

For those of you who like to talk in terms of carbs, you are looking at 60% less carbs than other pastas.

Finally, it kept us fuller than its alternatives, whilst having the added of value that mung beans are proven to benefit digestion and aid weight loss……it definitely gets my vote.


So to round up it tastes surprisingly great, cooked well,  kept us fuller for longer, helps digestion, aids weight loss and is good for you.  We will adding this to our staples in the cupboard…..mung beans are no longer ming!

Ingredients: Organic Mung Beans 92%, Water 8%