You need plants, plants need you!

succulent plant home diffuser

So I have this thing for indoor plants … all around the house. They are great for the environment and our health by improving air quality through reducing carbon dioxide levels. As little moments of beauty and calm in a hectic house, plants are also brilliant lowering stress too.

To be honest when it comes to indoor plants I am a bit of a more is more kind of gal. Newsflash ……Plants can be really easy to look after, even for me!  I highly recommend starting off with uber low maintenance indoor plants like succulents. They basically thrive on neglect, are often described as water shy and are brilliant for homes where space is at a premium.

I also have a bit of a thing for this Laura Thomas natural scent diffuser. Basically relaxation right there having both together! So if you need me on email today, you will be able to find me just staring at these two…. quite happy with myself.