How your body will love a drier January

Dry January Fifi Friendly

Whether you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake a little after a boozy December or even if you are going to go the whole hog and do a dry January, cutting back on your drinking is something your body will love you for.

The list of health benefits are extensive and include better concentration, improved blood pressure, increased energy, sleeping better, weight loss, clearer skin and being better for your liver. Perhaps then it is no shock that according to a recent You Gov poll a whopping 3.1 million of us will begin 2018 sober. There are several of these health benefits that catch my attention for sure and then there is the benefit to your wallet too!  What would you do with the money you could save throughout a Dry January? Perfect timing to start that holiday fund! Cheers to that!

Why not check out Instagram and Pinterest for loads of great non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails for you to try … or some holiday inspiration to spend the money you saved.

Dry January Fifi Friendly