The Primal Pantry – Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five

The Primal Pantry – Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five

For most of this year, the Fifi Friendly household have been improving our diet and lifestyle choices. We started to eat more nutrient dense foods during each meal and even our choice of convenience snack changed. When I say convenience snack, I mean portable food. A quick rummage in my handbag will find at least one The Primal Pantry paleo bar …. and sometimes two.

The car is one place that my kids will often want a snack. You will now be able to guess what you will find in the car’s centre console! Most days my kids will enjoy a grain free bar at school and I find them a great option for a mid afternoon desk treat.

I first tried a bar from The Primal Pantry last year when their fabulous packaging had grabbed my kids attention at a checkout.  I rarely succumb to impulse buying at the checkout, but this looked like a good option of snack for the kids to try on the way home.

The Primal Pantry range was developed by Nutritionist Suzi Walker and each hand made bar in the range is made out of a maximum of  6 natural ingredients. They are junk free, cold pressed, 100% natural and free from dairy, grains, gmo, vegetable oil, soy and also refined sugars. These paleo treats are tasty and I appreciate the fact that they were designed by a nutritionist. I also love how accessible these bars are. Today the Founder of The Primal Pantry’s, Suzi Walker,  answers my Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five. Enjoy!

1. What would you love to find under the Christmas Tree this year?
I would absolutely love to find a pair of plane tickets to a nice hot sunny country under the tree to escape this cold weather… but I would definitely settle for the box set of The Walking Dead series!

2. What is your favourite festive tradition or way to celebrate the holidays?

My daughter Grace is like every other excited child on Christmas morning so we are always up super early to open up all the presents! We then take our dog Rio out on a Christmas morning walk so she can get into the festive spirit too

3. What is your top well-being tip?

It sounds cheesy but care for yourself! Set aside time to do the activities that you love, and make sure you also have time just to relax and reflect. What you eat and drink also has an effect on how you think and feel. Fill your body with fresh real food products.

4. What is your best bit of 2016 and what are you looking forward to most in 2017?

One of the highlights of 2016 was seeing our bars being exported to more counties worldwide, we are now being stocked in 28 countries worldwide which is crazy considering The Primal Pantry will be three years old in February 2017. We have also expanded the team from 4 people to 17 people this year. It’s been great having new passionate team members on board with the company to help it grow.

We look forward to continuing to grow next year, and 2017 should see the release of new products to our range!

5. My new year’s resolution is ….

….. To successfully launch three new additions to The Primal Pantry range in 2017! We’ve been buzzing with ideas for the last couple of months so we can’t wait to begin all the taste tests and bring them out for you all to try!

Thank you Suzi!. You can find out more about The Primal Pantry at


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