Caroline Fleming – Festive Fast Five

Caroline Fleming Festive Fast Five

…. and boom just like that is it Monday again. After what can only be described a fairly delicious family and good food filled weekend, I am feeling refreshed for the start of the new week. You could say it is perfect timing for today’s Festive Fast Five with Caroline Fleming, who marvellously declares that her cherished family and love of cooking are two of her key happiness bringers.

One of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram (@carolineflemingofficial), this Danish Baroness is an accomplished model, cookbook author, fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur and TV personality (Ladies of London and Denmark’s Next Top Model). Caroline’s zest for life is contagious and this is especially true when she is in her kitchen cooking up a storm for her family and friends.   

As a true believer that good food can benefit and heal your body, Caroline frequently shares on her feed some of her favourite recipes and home-made from scratch meals. 


Caroline Fleming Festive Fast Five

I for one would love to be a guest at that kitchen table! Thank you Caroline for introducing me to the Medical Medium and celery juice in the morning!! Today I am delighted to have Caroline Fleming answering her Festive Fast Five….. which turned into a Six because I love the last thought!

Which five people from past or present would you love to celebrate New Years Eve or have Christmas Dinner with? My dream team would be my three children, my mother and my father, my grandmother, my godmother, and my sister.

What is your favourite festive food, tradition or way to celebrate the holidays? My favorite is when we start baking all the Christmas biscuits and cakes and the house smells like cinnamon… recipes can be found in my new book Cook yourself happy the Danish way, available on amazon.

What is your top well-being tip from 2018 and top beauty tip to keep that glow this festive season? My best tip is starting your day with fresh squeezed celery juice on an empty stomach. It’s extraordinary. Well my favorite beauty tip is the red or blue light.  I go to the light salon in Harvey Nichols and try to go once or twice a month.

What/who has been your favourite social media account to follow this year?  The Medical Medium had been my favorite account to follow his year. He is such a special man and his advice health wise is not to be underestimated….. he’s amazing.

What is your best bit of 2018 and what are you looking forward to most in 2019? It’s been such fun for me to work on my first food line and I cannot wait for it to be launched in 2019…. lots of delicious and yummy foods to make cooking so much easier for mothers and everyone who has to cook.

My New Year’s Resolution is to ……  to keep my eyes wide open and slow down.


Caroline Fleming Festive Fast Five


Thank you Caroline!