Dog Hair …. this calls for my Miele

My black lab likes to make his presence known in the household. He is my shadow most places throughout the house. He loves to run wild in the garden …. please read tear it up.  He loves to roll on the kids when they come home from school.  On top of this, a couple of times a year …. each lasting about 6 months!!…. he likes to shed his hair everywhere. We are in the middle of the winter mault. He is making his presence known by means of leaving my house like a shag pile carpet of dog hair!

Bring on daily/twice daily/an awful lot of vacuuming. Bring on my Miele! This is one product in the house that I would be lost without. We currently use the CX1 Blizzard has been a force to be reckoned with. It charges through the dog hair. We find that the HEPA AirClean filtered Miele has managed to tackle my dog’s hair better than any other vacuum brand we have used.  It is lightweight, hygienic, powerful and really easy to change the bag when it is full.