Derma E Suncreen – Reef Safe

Derma E

It is 4 years ago since I first started to Derma E sunscreen and this brand is still a Fifi Friendly family favourite. In fact this is one of the sunscreen brands I have had the most love from you guys about and it doesn’t shock me that the original post on Derma E continues to be in my top 5 most read posts each year! Although they have had a little change up in design and formulation …. all good…. I love this range.  (You can read my first blog on them …. here!).

Ladies and Gents I would to introduce you to the new and improved Derma E …… Now with even higher level of sun protection spf 30 versus spf 25 previously and this sunscreen is 20% zinc oxide. It is non whitening, non nano-particle, so does not clog pores or irritate skin, and finally this sunscreen is also reef safe!

Whenever you wear sunscreen and either go for a swim in the sea or shower off your sunscreen it will inevitably end up in the sea. Coral reefs are sensitive to all chemicals and the chemicals used in sunscreens are pretty harmful to these reefs.  Switching to reef friendly sunscreen is not only better for your skin but so much better for the reefs and marine life.

Derma E also rate as a 1 on the EWG database!!!