5 Natural & Organic Lip Balms

5 Natural & Organic Lip Balms

There are several things I remind my kids every morning before they leave the house. Have you got your snack? Don’t forget you have XYZ club after school today! Have you got your homework? A newbie to add to this list is ….. have you got your lip balm?

I trained myself fairly early on to have at least one lip balm in my handbag at all times and now it seems I am getting my kids to do the same. Firstly, I tend to use it everyday and sometimes instead of lip gloss of lipstick . Secondly, my kids will frequently need one and I therefore will tend to have one of their lip balms in my bag too. Lip balm is a bit of a beauty essential for me and also a great place to start off on the green beauty journey. All of the natural lip balms we use are free from  petroleum derivatives, mineral oils and are organic where possible.

Most recently, care of the cold snap of weather, chapped and cracked lips have us frequently reaching for our favourite lip balms to soothe and soften. Here are some of our favourites.


The Newly Launched Lipbalm:

By Sarah London’s Organic Lip Balm was only launched this month in November but has already become a firm favourite. It truly moisturises your lips from the inside out. As a blend of virgin coconut oil, apricot and beeswax, this 100% certified organic balm is perfect for dabbing on throughout the day when your lips are feeling a bit dry. This multi-tasking product is so pure it can also be used on dry patches on babies skin as well as any dry hands or elbow on us older ones! This is one I keep out of the school bags as it comes in a glass jar (15ml for £12)



For all out hydration :

I instantly fell in love with the Hyaluroil Lip Treatment from Twelve Beauty  (£28 for 10ml) upon first try.  This 100% natural lip oil is super regenerating.  This hyaluronic packed lip oil is the perfect way to give extra hydration at the same time a protecting your lips from the winter weather. It plumps and hydrates like no other lip product I have tried. I love the rollerball application and that this instantly soothing product leaves a slighty glossy sheen on the lips.


Family Favourites:

For over 30 years Burt’s Bees have been producing natural health and body care products. I remember trying one of their lip balms for the first time during a ski trip in Canada about 15 years ago.  We still love them today. Burt’s Bees do a great selection of lip balms in so many different flavours and they also do some tinted balms too. Ingredients include lip soothing shea butter, beeswax and vitamin E. Readily available in most pharmacies and beauty counters.  (4.25g for £3.99 ….. available in stick and tin formats)


Scentless Lip Saver:

Kathy Sue- Ann’s Nourishing Lip Balm is a moisturising blend of natural and organics oils and butters, making it a perfect lip saving product . It is refreshing to find a lip product that doesn’t have much of a scent to it and also doesn’t leave behind loads of residue on your lips.  I find it works great by itself and also on top of a lip liner where it gives a great little gloss effect! Love this lip balm and it is an absolute steal at £3.50!

c. Kathy Sue-Ann’s

The One With Manuka Honey:

Living Nature’s Lip Balm with active manuka honey (10ml for £12) comes with a screw top which I really like. There is nothing worse than finding your lip balm with random bits of fluff on it after it has lost its cap!  Coming out of the angled head it is super easy to apply straight on the lips. If like me you have a child who loves lip balm, it is also really easy to dispense on their finger…. see this as code for being able to monitor how much my daughter is actually applying/plastering on! It will be no shock that it smells deliciously of honey and also has its antimicrobial properties which is exactly what we need for chapped lips!