James Dun’s House – Aveda Lifestyle Salon

It is funny for me to think that finding a non-toxic or natural hair colour was one of the first Fifi Friendly searches I made. I was looking to start a family and wanted to be more natural with every product I was using. After a couple of failed attempts I gave up and left my poor hairdresser to rectify the green tinge my hair had been left with.  I didn’t find one that worked and I was extremely happy with everything my hairdresser did with my hair.

What is it with us girls and our hairdressers? It takes ages to find one you love, one that gets you, gets your hair and my relationship with my hairdresser is one of my longest relationships! I love the security of it. We work well together.  I enjoy spending time with her and in a weird way we have grown up together. It is not just loyalty. Even though it was one area of my life that was not so natural, I still enjoyed going for my colouring treatment with her every 10 weeks.  So when my mother arranged for me to go to visit her hairdressers, James Dun’s House Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Aberdeen, I felt a pang of guilt.  I felt like I was cheating on my hairdresser.



I tried to control my excitement for the place as I entered the beautifully converted James Dun’s House building.  This Aveda Lifestyle Salon is such a great space. Open, airy, smells lovely and definitely has a calmness to it.  James Dun’s House is stunning. I was offered a hot drink and opted for a green tea which was brought up to my seat. My colour was to be done with Neil and I instantly felt comfortable with him. Weirdly unlike trying any other hairdresser for the first time, I was not worried about the outcome of this hair treatment. I was really excited, albeit thinking of how I was going to tell my hairdresser at home.  I had been for a skin patch test  a couple of days before and we were good to go.

I noticed some clear positive differences about the James Dun’s House experience fairly quickly. Where was the strong smell of colour…. it wasn’t there…. phew, I hated it. There was also no heater to sit under when my hair was developing. I hated these too! So hot in the summer and I always used to feel my ears gently cooking away too. The chairs where your hair is rinsed practically recline to lying down. I have never been one to ask for a head massage when having my hair washed at the hairdresser, as I want to get off those chairs and get my neck off those hard basins asap. These super comfy washer chairs and basin left my neck so much less sore than normal.


When I got back to my chair to have my hair styled I was asked if I wanted a back, neck and shoulder massage. I loved that this was not done at the washer. This felt so much more relaxing than I could have imagined. I have never found hairdressers an overly calming experience, but I was super relaxed now. Little did I know that I was soon to be asked if I wanted a relaxing hand massage while my hair got dried….. I was ready for a snooze. Love this place.


Overall, my first experience of James Dun’s House was simply awesome. The holistic attitude, the fact my hair colour was so much more vibrant and glossy than normal. I love that Aveda’s Colour is up to 99% naturally derived from plants. It contains non-petroleum minerals and is so much better for your hair.  Great colour. Great tone. Better and more natural regrowth. My hair felt so much softer too. Very happy. I was so happy that I have since returned to have my colour done again by the lovely Neil and also a great cut done with the lovely and cutting genius that is Laurie Lee. James Dun’s House ….. I am really loving your work. Love your team.Loved visiting you.  Loving my hair. Thank you! See you soon.