M&S launches a vegan shoe range

M&S launches a vegan shoe range

With your everyday consumer enjoying a greener conscience, we are becoming more and aware of our personal impact on the environment. From plastic packaging, the carbon footprint of our food and also to how our clothes are made and using what fabrics. It comes as no surprise that the rise of the vegan isn’t just for Veganuary.

This increased interest in vegan friendly products isn’t just being noticed in the aisles of our supermarkets, beauty counters and on social media …. it is also on the soles of our feet.

Once viewed by many as poor quality, non-leather shoes have been making a huge comeback with brands like Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Hugo Boss and Veja. Our high street favourite M&S has recently launched their inaugural vegan shoe range with a proper bang! A massive and yet affordable range of over 350 vegan friendly footwear styles across all clothing departments!

Saying goodbye to your leather shoes does not mean saying goodbye to your style. Here is a pick of the M&S vegan women’s shoes helping us put our best and cruelty free foot forward. Starting off with these awesome striped trainers that have been added to my online basket!

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