Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars – Not what I expected

On any given day you will find an arsenal of snacks in my handbag …. fact. Why? Is it because I get the munchies and want a handy snack for on the go? Perhaps it is because I love to laden down my handbag with another thing. I mean what is one more thing on top of everything else?  Simply put, I have two kids who will invariably have at least one snack at some point during the day. Whether it is when we are out and about or for their break time at school, packed lunch or even after school, snacks happen and I would rather be prepared with some sugar free ones if I can!

Finding snacks for kids that are not filled with sugar or sweeteners used to be a difficult task. Thankfully the marketplace has totally opened up and the variety of nutricious snacktime treats is great to see. We have a snack drawer in the house and each day the kids get to choose what they want to take to school. All of the treats in this drawer are sugar free …. apart from naturally occurring sugars. More often than not they gluten free and also dont contain any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. The best bit is the kids view these products as treats as well as being snacks.


With my kids, sugar either goes one of two ways. My son gets “spirited” and clearly feels the sugar rush…. he is even worse on aspartame. Whereas his sister just doesn’t quite know when to stop when it comes to sugary things.  One area they find common ground on is they are both fans of fruit based bars. So last week I added some of the new Robinsons Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars to the snack drawer.  First up, I need to explain that I fully expected to see some kind of sweetener in these fruit bars given they were sugar free, but dear reader there are none. In fact these bars have been certified by Sugarwise!

c. Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars

Providing 1 of your 5 day, these snack bars are packed with over 99% fruit, are high in fibre and wonderfully free from added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Turns out these new Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars are the perfect …. and no mess …. addition to the packed lunch boxes and mum’s handbag! Great news is they are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. You get 5 in a box for £2.30 ( Tesco) and they are currently available in Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant, Summer Fruits, Peach & Mango or Tropical Fruit. Apple and Blackcurrant has gone down the best so far in my house.

You can find out more about Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars over at their website…….

This post has been a collaboration with Fruit Shoot Fruit Bars. All thoughts are my own.