Zoya – Hannah

Ahead of the festive season I wanted to go red… well on my nail at least. Plain and simple. Enter Hannah by Zoya.Love me some Zoya. This multi-award winning range of Big 5 Free nail polishes has some great colours that are super pigmented, that last well on the nails and I never tire of them.

Zoya Hannah (£10.95) is what I would call a classic red. We are talking fire engine red here …. in a classy way. I am not going to pretend I can tell you if this is a warm or neutral tone, what I can tell you is that this colour should look great against all skin tones. It is shiny and just the most fab tone to brighten up your nails. Love it. Even after one coat you have a great colour. I do prefer it best after two coats personally.  This will definitely be adorning my fingers for the next while.

Some of my other favourite Zoya colours are Anja and Paz. Zoya can be bought in the UK at www.zoyapolish.co.uk. Outside of the UK please go to www.zoya.com.