Naissance Massage Butter with Fresh Citrus

Naissance Massage Butter with Fresh Citrus

When lime is good without the tequila……

Since I started this blog, I have been spending a lot more time in front of my PC….don’t tell the chiropractor…. but I am sure that my posture has not always been at its best! The sign that I needed a massage came when my massage butter was delivered through the door….. spooky…. no, I call it perfect timing.  My Massage Butter with Fresh Citrus comes from Naissance ( for a 200ml pot and costs £4.99. Bargain as far as my shoulders and back are concerned!

It is a mix of coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil and lime….yum. It literally looks good enough to eat and its texture is more like a souffle, than a butter (picture does not do it justice!). It is a gorgeous and soft to touch, almost airy and really easy to apply. Word of caution, you will always want to take more out of the pot than you require!  A small amount applies really well and covers a large area.

It is described as being an easy glide formula and I would agree with this. When it was massaged on my back, I never once felt that more needed to be put on. The smell is light, fragrant and natural. It massages in well but as with most massage products, you will find that there is some residual product on your skin. This did not worry me as I was not going out anywhere afterwards and wanted my skin to soak it all in.

My only down point (slight one at that), would be the container. I sometimes find it hard to open once it has been used as it is quite wide and invariably will have some butter left around the rim. I do like this product and I can see it would actually feel lovely on the skin after you have been exposed to the sun. I am hoping that I can make this massage a regular one.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera oil, butyraspermum parkii butter, prunis dulcis oil, stearic acid, citrus aurantifolia.

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