Salcura Body Hydrator


Get a leg up…..

Unlike my arms, I only really pay proper and diligent attention to the hydration of my legs in warmer weather or before an event where I know they will be on parade. Outwith that, I will slap on a bit of moisture and be done with it. What works in winter is often not so good in summer when I want my skin to look radiant. I have always found it hard to get that perfect balance between moisturising my body enough to avoid dry, itchy and flaky skin (hmm…delightful) but without being too heavy and blocking my pores.  I have fairly sensitive skin and have tried many different butters, cream and oils.

I recently discovered Salcura’s Body Hydrator for Sensitive & Dry Skin £12.99 for 200ml).  It has omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 and mixes a blend of natural oils, vitamins and minerals to leave the skin feeling perfectly soothed.  It also claims to calm irritated and sensitive skin. Great, just what I have been needing!I found that the slightly yellow toned lotion had a delicate scent.  I couldn’t place the main aroma, but safflower, wheatgerm, lavender, avocado and marigold oils are all listed in the ingredients.  After application, it soaked in quite easily and my skin didn’t feel greasy. In fact it felt super soft and the next day my pores did not appear blocked….bonus! I read on the packet that this product is good for dermatitis flare ups, as it helps protect the skins own barrier function and also the natural healing process.  I have suffered from dermatitis in the past, although not currently experiencing it. I loved how soothing this felt on the skin and would imagine it would be great during a flare up.

Salcura Body Hydrator

 A few of my friends were round when I had this delivered and they were quick to have a try.  One friend, who is a vet, tried it on her elbows and was in awe that they no longer felt cracked and flaky. She kept feeling her elbow…mesmerised.  Another friend who is prone to eczema tried it….actually lathered it on her arms…. and asked if she could take my bottle home her. Eh….Negatory to that one…. I am not letting this out the house!

What I like about the Salcura products I have tried so far is how naturally effective they are. They are also clean products and this one has

  • no perfume
  • no preservatives
  • no paraffin
  • no colouring
  • no chemical substances
  • no steroids
  • no parabens
  • no alcohol
This formula is so natural that it can be used on young children, during pregnancy and breast feeding. I give this a Fifi Friendly 5* and recommend you all try it. It is gentle enough to use on the whole family, yet it  harnesses a lot of natural product strength that benefits the skin. This product is great if you have irritated and sensitive skin, but I would also use it if my skin was generally dry as it holds no nasty chemicals in the ingredients. It is super moisturising.

Ingredients: Water, seabuckthorn, caprylic/capric triglyceride, avocado oil, wheatgerm oil, lavender oil, safflower oil, xanthum gum,  sunflower oil, marigold oil, cetearyl glucoside, leicithin.

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