Claire Vero – Festive Fast Five

Claire Vero – Festive Fast Five

Today I am delighted that the Founder of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Claire Vero,  is answering my Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five. Straight to the point ….. I absolutely adore Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. This innovative British company  have been cleverly fusing organic and botanical ingredients with science to make skincare products that are natural, high performing and results driven. Tick, tick, tick.

This is not just a brand that looks luxurious and pretty from the outside …. no, this luxury brand has a range of effective beauty cabinet staples that could …. quite honestly…. be packaged in boring white containers with Sharpie pen writing on them and they would still be getting rave reviews.  The fact that all of their line comes in the most aesthetically stunning 100% recyclable packaging just adds to the treat of using it.


1. What would you love to find under the Christmas Tree this year?

I have my eye on this gorgeous bag from Milli Millu which is the perfect size and I love the fact that it has a long shoulder strap too. ( You can click on the picture to take you through to buy this bag).


2. What is your favourite festive food, tradition or way to celebrate the holidays?

We take part in something called ‘Stir-up Sunday’ which is four Sundays ahead of Christmas. This is when the Christmas pudding is made and we all head to my husband’s Aunt and take over her beautiful woodland retreat called Wren Hunt near a bluebell wood. Lots of delicious mulled wine is served and it is great fun! On Christmas Eve we ring all the traditional bells on the Christmas tree which are generations old. We also play with beautiful hand carved animals from Palestine given to my grandparents in the war. My son Henry will be at an age where this year he can really join in.


3. What have been your favourite beauty finds this year?

I know I’m biased but I do love our new Calming & Brightening Botanical Essences. These two facial mists are perfect for helping to calm or energise when you need it throughout the day. I wanted to include some really special ingredients alongside our signature probiotic ingredients so have used crystal waters and magnesium salts as well as beautiful flower waters.




4. What is your best bit of 2016 and what are you looking forward to most in 2017?

The amazing launch of our Botanical Cream Deodorant is up there as one of the best bits! So many people said a natural deodorant could never work as well as an aluminium alternative, and I am so proud to say that this one does; the proof is in the press and reviews we’ve had. After spending two years developing it, I am so pleased with the final product and am delighted to see that so many happy customers have given it five-star reviews.



5. My new year’s resolution is ….

To engage in a more mindful way of life which is something I started this year. I have found mindfulness is hugely beneficial and have incorporated the techniques and practises into some of the products with rituals to involve stunning essential oil blends with the breathing exercises.


Thank you Claire! Great choice of bag, I also love the different colours it comes it.   Check out to find out more about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.


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