Kathy Sue- Ann’s Organic Skincare

Truth be told, I have been wanting to write about this beaut of a brand for the last couple of months. The only thing that stood in my way was time, but dear reader this brand is most definitely up there with one of my favourite Fifi finds!  Based in North London, this organic and natural range is handmade by Kathy Sue-Ann and along with being free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, this range has quickly worked its way into my skincare rotation. Effective, very purse friendly and blinking beautiful, here are some of my favourites from this green beauty range for you to get your hands on.

Rejuvenating Rosehip Facial Serum

Simply put, this nutrient rich oil based serum will be a best friend to anyone who suffers from dry or very dry skin … everyone else is included too but trust me, this serum kicks dry skin into touch. 2-3 drops of this product is all I personally need for each application. I like to massage it in and find that it absorbs quick enough for me to put any makeup on shortly afterwards. I have been using this certified organic product daily since the end of June and I still have just under half the bottle left. 30ml for £30 ( Currently on offer at £22!).

c. Kathy Sue-Ann’s

Anti- Ageing Eye Balm

This genius eye balm comes in a lip balm like stick and has to be the easiest way to apply an eye product! This is the only eye product that I will use religiously.   Perfect for reviving the delicate skin around your eyes throughout the day or on a flight, this balm is completely non greasy and comes in a handbag and hand luggage friendly size. I always keep this and the lip balm in my bag and it has been a favourite product to use during any of our hospital visits. Great for puffy eyes, tired eyes and fine lines. It glides on really easily and my top tip is also to try this balm on any frown lines you might have. This hero product is a bargain at £6!

c. Kathy Sue-Ann’s

Nourishing Lip Balm

For starters, this is one lip product that I have managed to keep all to myself, my kids normally steal them! Mum 1 : Kids 0! This moisturising blend of natural oils and butters is a perfect lip saving product throughout the year but I have been reaching for it more during this change of season. It is refreshing to find a lip product that doesn’t have much of a scent to it and also doesn’t leave behind loads of residue on your lips.  I find it works great by itself and also on top of a lip liner where it gives a great little gloss effect! Again an absolute steal at £3.50!

c. Kathy Sue-Ann’s

Super Nourishing Organic Body Butter with Grapefruit Oil

Wowser I adore this smell of this stuff!  Where do I begin …. It is moisturising on the skin, invigorating to the senses and rumour has it that grapefruit oil is good at reducing the appearance of cellulite. Brilliant! This body butter is quite firm in consistency in the container, which for me is great because it stops me taking more than I need.  Once I have the product in my warmed hand it is really easy to blend it into my skin. 50ml is £8

c. Kathy Sue-Ann’s

Why not check out the rest of the range at www.kathysueanns.co.uk. Until next time ….bye!