Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

Like the search for the perfect jeans …. the search for the perfect mascara is just as tiresome as filling in a tax return. I would say that mascara is probably the piece of makeup that I use the most and I want it to last the day too…. as well as using more considered ingredients. Thanks but no thanks to parabens and formaldehyde!

I started writing a blog post about my three current fave mascaras and realised that one was getting a lot more air time…. so maybe needed a little post all to itself. The truth is the Limited Lash Mascara by Ilia Beauty is without doubt one of the best mascaras I have EVER tried…..Yes indeed.

So the down low- Limitless Lash has a dual sided brush that builds volume. It is brilliantly buildable. Although the brush is relatively small I found it is one of the easiest brushes to use. The shorter side brings volume and the long side is all about the length. This mascara is also clean beauty at its best in my eyes and also a good option for those with sensitive eyes.


Mascara that performs…..

Does it perform like my old favourite non- green beauty fave…. abso-flipping-lutely! Worth all the love it has been shown since launch… yes. Does it flake or clump …. no. Separate and boost length of my lashes…. oh yes. Last all day…. yes! I even find that my eyelash curlers are out to the side on the days I use this mascara. Smells lush…. yes! This may seem like a strange one but it smells like honey…. amazing. Lots of limitless love.

Can we take a little minute to show some love for the lash loving ingredients in this beauty…. hello organic shea butter and arginine!



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