Double Cleansing -The great skin secret

Double Cleansing -The great skin secret

Hands up! My face cleansing routine used to involve me grabbing some kind of baby wipe or anything that would take my make up off quick enough for me to get to bed pronto!! Yet I wondered why my skin was congested, lacklustre and generally m’eh looking. I think if I had heard about double cleansing at that point in my life I would have laughed it off. Who has the time for that? I certainly didn’t think I did.  Honestly, I still would not describe myself as having the most time going spare. Dear reader, I know the majority of you are the same,  however I have recently got into double cleansing and it has made such a difference to the texture, complexion and radiance of my skin. The question is ….. why did I not do this years ago?


What is Double Cleansing?

Now, for me learning about the benefits of double cleansing came from the fabulous Caroline Hirons and other YouTubers and skincare gurus. However it turns out that this skincare 101 originates from Japan and not YouTube. Yes I was not expecting that either. Cleansing your face properly is the foundation and most important part of a good skincare routine. Plain and simple. In fact, if you wear make up, simply cleansing once is not enough. Who is up for taking an extra couple of minutes a day to have better skin?  Step away from the face wipes, here are some pointers for getting your double cleansing game on point.


The 1st Cleanse

Your first cleanse is one that will remove any pore clogging makeup, sunscreen, pollutants, sweat and general grime that gets collected on your skin each day. This cleanse will remove debris that can prevent the active ingredients of your second cleanse and the rest of your routine from being absorbed more effectively. The best products to cleanse your face with for you first cleanse are a cleansing oil, milk or balm. For me cleansing oils melt away my eye make up the best ….. so I often gravitate towards them first! Luckily there are loads of great natural cleansing oils in the green beauty marketplace at the moment.


The 2nd Cleanse

Where the first cleanse is all about cleaning the surface of the skin, the second cleanse is all about making sure your face is properly clean and then nourishing the epidermis. The second cleanser is the one that will get straight onto your skin now that all the grime is removed. By all means use the same cleanser for both cleanses, I personally like to switch it up for the second cleanse and I tend to tailor it to my skin on the day. You may notice your skin changes depending on where you are on your monthly cycle, stress and other environmental factor. On most days my skin is dry or combination so I will opt for a cleansing oil, cream or balm  On days where my skin is more oily I will second cleanse with a cleansing oil. I love to take a little bit of time to massage this cleanser into my skin before removing with a flannel for a light exfoliation. If you suffer from rosacea you may find that the second cleanse is too much everyday. Always listen to your own skin.


Cleansers that I love to use

Mallow + WhiteSoothe Cleansing Oil (£30 for 50ml) is one of three different cleansing oils in the range. I love them all as they are great for even the most sensitive skin but Soothe is a personal favourite. Mild, effective, 100% natural and totally free from mineral oil or parabens.  I use it for first, second and morning cleanses.

VotaryRose Geranium + Apricot Cleansing Oil (£45 for 100ml) uses high quality ingredients in a fuss free approach. A new favourite addition to my bathroom shelf Gorgeous for using as part of a lymphatic facial massage. Great for second or morning cleanse.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare –  Miracle Cleanser (£42 for 120ml) has a strict ingredient list that includes no parabens, mineral oils or silicones. Rich in probiotic proteins this creamy cleanser does not feel heavy and is brilliant at cleansing and protecting the skin. I like it as a second cleanse in the evening or as a refreshing morning cleanse.

Aurelia probiotic cleanser

Emma Hardie – Amazing Face Moringa Balm

First up we need take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous this cleansing balm smells! It simply and perfectly demolishes. If I have some extra time it also is a gorgeous mask. This cleansing balm contains moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel, pore minimising vitamin E, extract of rejuvenating neroli and mandarin and skin rehydrating rose, jasmine and cedarwood. I am really excited to get my hands on their new light cleanser that comes out in April this year.

Emma Hardie


De Mamiel – Restorative Cleansing Balm (£39 for 50ml) is simply the most gorgeous blend of oils that melt away impurities and stress at the end of the day. This second cleanse favourite is a heavenly ritual that leaves me feeling like I am being cosseted in a spa. I simply adore De Mamiel’s Rstorative Cleansing Balm!


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