Autumnal Kids Clothes – Organic

Autumnal Kids Clothes – Organic

Well dear reader, we have officially arrived in September …. how on earth did that happen. This month sees a month long initiative led by the Soil association to raise awareness of organic products and to encourage us as consumers to make small changes in our purchasing habits. Welcome to Organic September. Autumn is officially here and if you have not already started transitioning into an autumnal wardrobe ….. eh, it felt so blooming autumnal in July that I had to get my woolies out then …. then what better time to check out some of the fab brands who are rocking organic and sustainable clothing marketplace. It is the truth that most mums will consider buying organic clothes for their brood before themselves, so to celebrate Organic September I will be getting my major cluck on as I inspire you to shop a little more consciously.


Polarn O. Pyret

Not only do Polarn O. Pyret make clothes that last …. so you don’t have to discard and replace them as often …. they also do a brilliant ECO (Environmentally Conscious Option). Great to note that their entire newborn range carries their ECO symbol. Polarn’s products are designed to be handed down and have a goal to be used by 3 children in succession. This brand is really going the whole hog.  They produce clothes in a more sustainable way using organic cotton, recycled fibres and not using unhealthy chemicals like perfluorinated substances in their waterproof jackets. This means that right the way through to packaging and transportation Polarn O. Pyret clothes are good for the planet, delicate skins and for your pocket!

polarn o.pyret



Cornish brand Frugi started out when its founders were looking for clothes that would fit over cloth nappies. Fast forward over a decade and Frugi’s organic cotton range covers everything from gorgeous attire for the newborn to fashionable and functional clothes for expectant and breastfeeding mums. This brilliant range has an equally brilliant website which is accessible to the kiddos too. My two loved the kids pages explaining why organic is good, who are the good bugs and how the farmers use cow pate to fertilise the soil … check it out here.


C. Frugi

c. Frugi


Pigeon Organics

For over 12 years UK based Pigeon Organics have been making organic cotton contemporary clothing for kids and have recently started to make some of their products in the UK again. Their ridiculously soft products are ethically manufactured using certified organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes. Perfect for your babies delicate skin. One of my friends says that this brand also makes her want another baby to dress in these clothes!


c. Pigeon Organics

H&M Conscious

H&M  is known for its high street accessible fast fashion, but how many of you have shopped from their Conscious Exclusive collection. For the last 6 years this collection has focussed on high fashion items made from sustainable, organic and recycled materials and has recently expanded from a women’s clothing range to including men and children’s collections too.  Pretty impressively they also have a dedicated area of their website that covers sustainability, suppliers maps, their modern slavery statement and also their vision. ( The H&M Group is one of the worlds largest users of organic cotton and recycled polyester so it is no surprise that all of the newborn department’s cotton products are organic. Furthermore their goal is that by 2020 all of their cotton from all of their ranges will come from sustainable sources.

c. H & M



The Bright Company

The Bright Company do a gorgeous range of design led organic and ethical sleepwear for the whole family that is guaranteed to make bed time an easier sell! The whole range if GOTS Certified Organic and has not been treated with harmful substances or dyes. The range now also includes some super cute bedding and decals.

c. The Bright Company