My Skin Hydration Heroes for Spring/summer 2019

balance me hyaluronic acic

Regardless of your skin type, dehydration can happen and it is important to get that moisture back in there pronto. In winter it will be the heating and cold weather that will suck the moisture out from your skin leaving it dry, sometimes flaky and dehydrated. Whereas at this time of year in spring/summer, that glorious warmer weather outside will leave your skin generally needing a boost of hydration too.

First up, lets cover a little technicality. Sadly as we age, our skin loses water and moisture, so you would think that all is needed is a little hydration and moisture. Alas, hydrators and moisturisers are not the same. Yes they both share the role of making sure our skin gets moisture and they both work well together.


What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dryness is a skin type where the skin has inadequate natural oils and produces less sebum than normal skin for example. This serum is linked to lipids. Our skin is a very clever organ that has its own natural lipid barrier to protect itself whether it be from loss of water or to protect from external aggressors and damage.  If you have dry skin which could also be flaky, you will likely not be producing enough natural oil or lipid cells to protect it. Dryness is a skin type, so…. you need moisturisation to help lock that moisture into your skin and soothe the effects.

Dehydrated skin on the other hand needs water. Simply apply hydrators first and moisturisers second. But they are not the same. Let’s dig a little deeper. Hydrators work from the outside in. Dehydrated skin can often be temporary and is the after effect of lack of water. Environmental factors like weather, diet, flying, stress, caffeine or alcohol consumption can easily result in less water content in the skin. This leaves it dehydrated.

Regardless of your overall skin type, dehydration can happen. This is why oily skin can be dehydrated too. Haha, I know some of you were thinking “oh, I have sensitive or oily skin so I need not worry”. Wrong de la wrong! Yep, they can get dehydrated too!

How do I know if I have dehydrated skin? Symptoms like dullness, tightness, more sensitive, dreaded fine lines, rough texture, or even dark circles under your eyes. For dehydrated skin, it is just about finding the right products and ingredients to quench your skin type. For example, oilier skin will do well from a non-comedogenic product that doesn’t block pores.

Sensitive or any skin prone to irritation love fragrance free and water based products to restore the skin’s moisture balance and comfort. Also, don’t be scared of face oils. They are brilliant for most skin types at restoring depleted skin.  I am yet to try one that has not boost hydration and skin radiance to boot!

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid are amazing from dehydrated skin. Other key ingredients to look out for include squalane which is also uber quenching for your skin and the superstar hydrator that is hyaluronic acid. Did you know that hyaluronic acid can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water? As a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is produced in our bodies, HA is also a humectant that helps increase moisture and elasticity in the skin as well as improving the skin’s own barrier. Hello to plumpness of the skin. Huzzah!

Loved by all skin types hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to and cleverly holds water in the skin without clogging pores. This last part makes it perfect for those with oily or sensitive skin who will also tend to have a weakened hydro-lipidic film or barrier. This weakness allows moisture to be lost more readily (dehydration alert) at the same time as letting skin irritants in. Over the last few weeks I have been trying and lurving some new hyaluronic based skincare products. These are the ones I have added to my skincare rotation. These are some of my hydration heroes.


Skin Dehydration – how to fix

Every good skincare routine starts with a good cleanse and exfoliate! You know it makes sense to make sure your skin is properly clean. This can  include a bit of exfoliation before trying to add all the skin loving goodness! We want all that hydration heroes to do their job properly and skin to absorb them …. and not sucked into the dead skin cells. I love a good balm cleanser and enzyme based exfoliator.

balance me hyaluronic hydration skin


Spritz spritz!

All cleansed and good to start, always spritz some mist next…. it is soothing, refreshing and one of your arsenal towards hydrating skin. Some call them mists, or floral water whilst others call them toners, either way, this is one step that is missed out in many a skincare routine. I blame the toners of yesteryear scaring us by leaving us with tight skin.

Modern day mists can visibly make a big difference to the hydration levels of your skin. I think of them as a mini shield for my skin. It best to apply serums, oils or moisturisers when your skin is still moist, they effectively lock in the mist’s moisture.  Mists are perfect facial refreshers throughout the day  and brilliant to help doing a make-up touch up too! I keep one by my desk and rarely fly without a mini mist in my bag! This fast absorbing and non-sticky mist is one of my faves!

The award-winning Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist is a firm new favourite of mine. It does dispense more product than other mists per pump but I adore the directional spray of this hydrating and cooling wonder product. Dare I say it, almost as much as I adore the neroli and bergamot scent that it spritzes out! Calming chamomile is also included in the ingredients list of this 99% natural product along with pineapple fruit extract that helps brighten the skin and balance oily or dry complexion

Without a doubt the Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist, along with the other hyaluronic based Balance Me product range has made a massive difference to my complexion over the last few weeks. Those with hormonal breakouts or irritated skin will love the cooling effect of this mist. Great over make up as a setting mist or to refresh a foundation too. £18 for 30ml.


You know I am willing to put both hands up and admit that I am a huge sucker for a great serum. How to describe a great serum? Let’s start with re-hydrating and plumping …. basically an instant skin boost.  Say hello to a dewier complexion. The new Tri-molecular Hyaluronic Serum from Balance Me has only been on my dressing table for a relatively short amount of time, but I am loving it so much.  Perhaps even love it so much that it made me want to write a post on hydration heroes! Just saying!

From first try this is delectable hydration hero has been sitting out on my dressing table all day every day. It has struck a chord and is used so frequently that there is little point in me tidying it away in the drawer.  This fail safe product is a fave day and night! Balance Me could have easily called it the super hydration serum, because this product contains 3 different forms of hyaluronic acid in one divine hit. Three is way better than one! This serum contains Hyacare 50,  Hyacare Filler CL and Hyaluronic Acid BT.

Think of it like this, these hyaluronic acid molecules come in different weights. Heavier weighted molecules instantly make the skin feel amazeballs (tech term … obvs!), whereas lighter molecules have a long lasting effect. I love the overall result of this hyaluronic packed serum. Super cooling upon application. It is super simple to massage into my skin and this super quenching serum makes my skin forgive me for any past dehydration sins! I love the dropper applicator too! £30 for 30ml.


balance me hyaluronic hydration skin


Prime Time

Why would you want to use a primer? How does, a good primer will help your makeup last longer sound to you! Watch any YouTube make up video or take advice from Beauty Editors and you will always see a primer at some point. This make-up artist must have product smoothes the skin, leaves a more matt finish and minimises the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Yep…. so I had never tried a primer until last year! Even since then my use of a primer in my day to day skincare has been minimal. To say the least. That being said,  this primer has been on my dressing table for a few weeks and I literally use it every day! The Hyaluronic Plumping Primer from Balance Me is 99% natural, adds hydration and gives a more airbrushed effect. Basically the best last step before you apply any make up. Or a great finisher for the no makeup look too!

Key ingredients in the Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Primer include skin hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, skin tightening Acacia Gum Complex, antioxidant rich Arctic Cloudberry and Acmella Oleracea. Say what now? Acmella Oleracea is a bit of a natural alternative to muscle relaxants like Botox. After continuous use, it is claimed that fine lines will be visibly reduced. £26 for 30ml.

So there we have it …. the hydration heroes that I have totally fallen in love with. Have you tried any yet?




AD. This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to by any of the products , it will not cost you any extra.