Considered Beauty – The lowdown

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Of all the different beauty genres being banded about at the moment, considered beauty is one that I also home into. Over the last few years more brands in the beauty industry have begun to place an importance on being more eco- conscious and a lot of this is relating to their ingredients. Where do they come from, how are they produced and sustainability. Here is a brief lowdown on some of the key words you may come across…. no green washing needs to apply.



Some of my favourite brands fully embrace sustainability when it comes to the production of their product range. They not only look to keep their carbon footprint to a minimal but will often use greener or recycled materials in their packaging. These brands actively seek to protect the earth’s natural resource and give back to the local farmers who produce their ingredients.


Cruelty Free

Perhaps the one of the phrases that I have heard the most when it comes to new product launches in 2019 so far. As more consumers become increasingly aware that certain products and ingredients are tested on animals, they have been taking their costum elsewhere. As a result there has been a huge rise in demand for cruelty free products. If this is you make sure you are reading the labels and buying from certified cruelty free or PETA listed brands.



In basic terms, organic relates to how an ingredient is grown. Organic products are cultivated without any pesticides, fertilisers or artificial hormones being used. A product must have at least 95% organic ingredients before it can be labeled organic. Check the label, some products say organic even when one small ingredient is organic and the rest are anything but.


Perhaps one of the words marketed the most in the last few years and also one that comes with the most greenwashing. In theory this term means the ingredient comes from a mineral, botanic or animal source. In practice it can me that one or all the ingredients come from a natural source. My favourite truly natural products will always say what percentage is natural on the bottle eg 95% natural origin. The ingredients list is invariably pretty short as well as not containing any ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.


The Free Froms and Diet Friendly

Show me a new product that does not contain at least one free from or diet friendly promotion. Whether it be from a health point of view or marketing, a lot of new products to market list at least one free from on their packaging.
These are the top 4 Free From:
  • phthalates
  • sulphates (eg SLS)
  • parabens (eg methylparaben)
  • petrochemicals (eg mineral oil)

These are the top 3 Diet Friendly

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free


In this ever changing landscape of marketing lingo and buzz words, which one do you find the hardest to work around? Why not find out more in the Ingredient Edit section of the website.