REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

ren clean screen mineral spf

This last weekend got me like….. and chill. Crazy busy week called for a full on afternoon chill under this here parasol. Perfect timing to test out my new Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 by REN Skincare . This non-nano sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection and after a minimal amount of mixing into my skin it leaves no white/Casper the ghost.

As we head into a warmer week I am more diligent about my daily SPF. To be honest as I get older I seek some form of daily SPF product more often. Yes, even in the UK! However ask me for cleaner or physical sunscreen recommendations and it is harder to offer advice. A lot of my fave brands are not so easy to get in the UK!

parasol sun blue sky garden sunscreen

No chemical filters

This vegan and cruelty free sunscreen is REN’s first SPF product and is made using a whopping 22% zinc oxide…. no chemical filters and readily available in the UK! Geniusly REN Skincare has formulated this silicone and oxybenzone free product to be worn daily and is perfect under your make up! It does feel pretty lightweight on my skin, reduces shine and clogs up zero pores!!

Key ingredients of this mineral SPF include Yellow Passion Fruit Extract which is antioxidant rich, skin loving and protects against those pesky free radicals. The REN Clean Scree Mineral SPF30 definitely has more of a matt appearance with the help of Rice Extract. Furthermore, this last ingredient also soothes skin that is prone to redness. Important factor for me is the smell and this has a scent that is very subtle…. an added bonus!

ren clean screen mineral SPF

Waste free by 2021

Cleaner for your skin and cleaner for the planet too! Did I mention it is reef friendly and that the packaging is all mad from post consumer recycled materials!! REN have a goal to be 100% waste free by 2021.

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