The Green Edit – Natural Deodorant

Salt of the Earth

Roll up, roll up ……

……… hands up everyone who has been testing their deodorant to the max in this cheeky heat wave of ours? How has your natural deodorant stood up?  This heat has been the ultimate test for my rotation of deodorants, that is for sure. I have found my keepers, but it has taken some time. The search for great natural deodorants is a tricky one. Firstly there are a load of duff ones out there and secondly, the natural deodorant trail will inevitably involve you stinking at some point.  With so many options from cream deodorant, roll-on to spray,  where do you start?

I have been trying out the best natural deodorants out there to help make the switch to a natural deodorant an easier ride.  Perfect time to stop putting those phthalates, parabens, aluminum and other not so great chemical ingredients on your skin. Don’t sweat, welcome to my guide to Natural Deodorants – The Roll Up Edit.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

I basically have tried almost ever version of this and always come back to the Rose & Vanilla, Geranium Flower or Ylang  Ylang Calendula. I love the dial-up stick format of this natural deodorant which is actually quite creamy to apply and rarely needs to be re-applied. Brilliant on hots days. These products do contain baking soda and my skin works best if I don’t use this several days on the trot. Outside of that, my only little negative of this natural deodorant is that I think it sometimes leaves a light product residue, so keep this in mind when you are applying it and putting clothes on.  Don’t let this detract from the point that I am a big fan of this deodorant!


Ursa Major

Hoppin’ Fresh was one of my recent States purchases. First of all I am utterly obsessed with the smell of this uplifting roll on …. citrus, ginger, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  But my love of this deodorant does not stop there.  Unlike so many natural deodorants out there, Hoppin Fresh is 100% natural, glides on clear not wet and it leaves zero stains on your clothes! Best of all this beauty causes zero irritation. Ursa Majors uses ingredients like eucalyptus oil and hops to naturally fight odor causing bacteria. This lasts pretty well but an early evening reapply always works best.


Salt of the Earth

I am loving the newest editions to the Salt of the Earth family. Zero mess, stickiness or white marks, 100 % natural, vegan and long-lasting protection. Four scents to choose from and they are all infused with body odour fighting magnesium oil –  Melon & Cucumber, Pure Aura Lavender and Vanilla, Pure Armour Men’s (think citrus, warm wood and vanilla) and unscented. All four pass the test and work by inhibiting the growth of odour causing bacteria and I actually prefer using the roll on to the Salt of the Earth sprays. Super easy to apply, non sticky and widely available on the high street. Vegetarian and vegan society approved. Available in Holland & Barrett, Waitrose and online at Salt of the Earth.


Salt of the Earth

Green People

Interestingly enough, last year when I put out a tweet to ask which natural deodorant you rated …. this was the one that I got the most replies about. The Rosemary & Prebiotics natural deodorant from Green People has a legion of fans and I can see why. It is free from pore-clogging aluminium, alcohol and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients, 89% organic, light to apply and I adore this natural scent.  This roll-on natural deodorant includes prebiotics which are great for healthy bacteria but prevent odour forming bacteria from forming. Overall it has good lasting power for keeping stinky pits at bay throughout the day. Definitely one of the best natural deodorants I have tried.



Final Thoughts

A couple of last-minute pointers before you head off to find your natural deodorant. Firstly, unlike commercial anti-perspirants, natural deodorants will not physically stop you from sweating, trust me this is a good thing, especially in this heat.  Sweating is important mainly because it is our body’s natural way of helping to regulate our temperature and stop us from overheating ….. try saying that to someone reading this on the Bakerloo line with an outdoor temperature of 30 degrees …. which is an equivalent tube temperature of about 946 degs!

Secondly, if you are new to natural deodorants just keep in mind that it can take up to a month for your body to adjust to life without antiperspirants. All the anti-perspirant chemicals won’t leave your body overnight. Your body needs to learn to work for itself again, but I have never regretted my choice to change or looked back. So if you feel like you are sweating more than normal, hang on in there during the transitions period.