Must Have Product of Month – June

June was definitely a quieter month in terms of the amount of time I had to post, but those blog articles that did go out were met by a great response…. thank you. I have been saving myself for the mega month of July where I have a lot of news to tell you. In the meantime, here are the most read articles from June… bit of an eclectic mix to say the least …. followed by the  Fifi Friendly Must Have Product of the Month…..

The Fifi Friendly Must Have Product of the Month goes to Harry’s Treats. Firstly they are simply awesome and this article had a crazy amount of reads! Secondly, they are local. Thirdly, my dog and my parent’s dogs adore them. Finally, I met them at the Royal Highland Show and found them to be such a lovely company. Massive congrats to Harry’s Treats!