Live more sustainably

Live more sustainably

Why not take a lead from Earth Day on 22nd April and try to live a more sustainable life. Since Earth Day is all about reducing, recycling and re-using here are some simple tips to be more eco-friendly.

Going Green Out and About

  • Avoid using plastic cutlery and utensils. If you are out and about bring your own re-usable ones
  • Instead of buying drinks when you are out, try to take a refillable & re-usable bottle with you.  There are some great glass and BPA free ones in most TK Maxx stores or online
  • Ditch the plastic bag to bring your lunch to work. Place sandwiches in a reusable container instead of a ziplock bag
  • Instead of driving everywhere, look into other options that contaminate the air less. Public transport, walking, car-sharing or hybrid vehicles can help reduce your carbon footprint significantly
  • Carry a canvas or re-usable shopping bag with you to avoid buying or using plastic ones


Eco- Friendly


Eco-friendly Home

  • Energy saving lightbulbs not only last longer but they also use up to 80% less electricity
  • Reduce the amount of appliances you have on standby or plugged in
  • Turn that tap off when you are brushing your teeth
  • Do you really need a 20 minute shower? Try reducing it to 10 minutes or better still 5 minutes
  • Get your bills online instead of paper copies in the post
  • Reduce the volume of each toilet flush by placing a bag of rocks in your toilet tank
  • Use detergents and hand washes that are kinder to the environment when they are rinsed away and ditch the artificial room sprays …. while you are at it get rid of those toxin filled synthetic candles
  • Recycle your used coffee grinds or tea and put them on your plants for a great natural fertiliser
  • Plants – plant more of them in your garden. Especially beautiful oxygen producing trees

Eco Friendly Fifi Friendly


Leading a greener and more sustainable life is easier than you would think. Every little bit helps. They may also save you some money!