Simply Fido – Organic Pet Toy

Mr Dog is 1 today! Yes, he had Happy Birthday sang to him a lot by the kids this morning. Yes, I managed to persuade the kids that he did not want a birthday party with magician and all his friends round. However, we did go to his (our) favourite store for all thing pooch to buy him a gift- The House of Hound.

I had read on House of Hound’s Facebook that they had some new dog toys in that were super Fifi Friendly , so what better toy to buy the dog for his birthday!  Simply Fido do a great range of organic pet products and understand that if you have an eco-conscious house then this extends to your pets too. All of their products are chemical free and environmentally friendly.

We bought Mr Dog the Lolly Lamb plush toy. In the last year there has been only one soft toy that he has not killed through over-chewing…. and that toy is a life size Andrex Labrador that my gran gave me when I was little. We were not sure how Lolly was going to stand up. Given that the last eco toy I bought him lasted less than 5 mins I was a bit nervous.  I decided to take some pictures of Lolly Lamb in the car just in case we couldn’t get a good shot of it later…. without dog slobber on it….. and whilst fully intact.

Lolly Lamb is made from Certified Organic cotton fabric, is non-toxic, made in a low-eco impact dye process, is filled with recycled fibre and is environmentally friendly. The icing on the cake is that it also has a squeak.  We brought Lolly home and did not manage to wait until today to give it to Mr Dog.  He had already sniffed it out in my bag. His tail was wagging so furiously it was ready to do damage to anything in its way.

I am delighted to say this toy has passed the test. It is still in one piece!!! He is delighted every time we pass it to him. When my parents came to stay he paraded with it in his mouth as if he was a Viennese show pony!! Too funny.

Big thumbs up to Simply Fido and these fab toys. I would definitely buy another one as Mr Dog’s fangs have not got through it. I also see they do a range of bowls and bed mats that look great too.

Does your pet have eco-friendly toys?

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