Luke Holder – Festive Fast Five

Luke Holder – Festive Fast Five

Ask me what my favourite skincare product is and I will probably give you my top five skincare must haves.  Ask me where my favourite hotel is and I will struggle to get it down to even two choices. However, ask me where my favourite meal of all time has been and I will unequivocally answer …..  Hartnett Holder & Co. I count myself lucky when I say that I have had the opportunity to eat in some amazing restaurants, but HH & Co had everything spot on. The setting, the tasting menu, the approach to eating local produce, the staff, the wine, the Italian influence and the whole shebang …….( yes dear reader I have just used the word shebang for the first time on Fifi Friendly).  HH & Co is utterly exquisite.

I cannot wait to go back to this haven of amazing food and I also have my eye on a couple of their Cookery School 2017 courses too. In the meantime, I am beyond ecstatic that the fabulously talented Luke Holder is answering my Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five today.



1. What would you love to find under the Christmas Tree this year?

Bottle of Sassicaia, 1989


2. What is your favourite festive food, tradition or way to celebrate the holidays?

Favourite festive food is Stollen


3. What has been your favourite Instagram account to follow this year?

Favourite Instagram account has been following Chef Tom Brown head chef for Nathan Outlaw’s Michelin started restaurant Outlaw’s in London.


4. What is your best bit of 2016 and what are you looking forward to most in 2017?

Best bit of 2016 was getting our brand-new prep kitchen fitted in HH&Co. For 2017 it’s HH&Co’s new motto…consistency and fun!


5. My new year’s resolution is ….

….. Eating in Italy at least 3 times next year.


Thank you Luke.  Check out to find out more about Hartnett Holder & Co.


You can find out more about  my visit to HH & Co here.


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