Laura Thomas & the Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five

Laura thomas

Earlier this year, one of my best friends and I found ourselves at The Archerfield Walled Garden  with our four somewhat excitable children who were on the search of ice cream. With the kids happily consuming ice creams, we managed to get a couple of moments to ourselves at the lovely gift shop. Wandering around all I could concentrate on was the most amazing smell.  The shop assistant was quick to point out the source of this heavenly aroma ….. the Laura Thomas scented soy candles.  As soon as I got home I delved into the Laura Thomas website and fell in love.

Laura Thomas Linens has become a go to site for buying stunning products including her beautifully embroidered high thread count white bed linen sets, her fabulous Lavender Pillow Mist and her hand poured scented soy candles. Her website is basically a catalogue of how I want my bedroom to look  – say hello to crisp white organic linen and Scandic chic. I love her products, her style, her fair trade ethos, her scent combinations and I love that she is mindful of where her organic products come from.

Today I am delighted that Laura Thomas has agreed to answer my Fifi Friendly Festive Fast Five.

1. What would you love to find under the Christmas Tree this year?

Well one of my goals for 2017 is to surf more and practise yoga more than twice a week.  So a new surf board would be the ultimate gift this year.  I hope I’ve been good enough Santa…

2. What is your favourite festive food, tradition or way to celebrate the holidays?

Having spent 10 years in New Zealand and having had hot weather Christmases (which simply don’t feel right if your used to cold ones) then I love to soak up the cold weather with delicious winter food.  We have a tradition of a walk along the beach on Christmas Day and make a little fire to stand around and drink hot chocolate, then on Christmas evening we’ll relax all snuggled up on the sofa with a funny movie and tubs of ice-cream.

3. What product are you looking forward to decorating your home with this Christmas?

A few years ago I spend a fortune on Scandinavian style Christmas tree decorations.  It’s always lovely to pull them out every year.  They are white, light pink and green – very nontraditional however they are gentle and homely.

4. What is your best bit of 2016 and what are you looking forward to most in 2017?

The best bit of 2016 was painting the exterior of my house black.  I loved it so much (mainly because it is so different) I jumped up and down on the spot!  I’m looking forward to creating a holiday house in the back part of my house in 2017.  Welcoming and meeting new people to Gullane will bring me such pleasure as well as making up beds for them so they can sleep in Laura Thomas Linens!  They will have an all-out LT experience as my holiday home will be completely kitted out in LT homewares, from my candles to my towels!

5. My new year’s resolution is ….

….. I write my goals down most days in a notepad on my desk so I don’t do new year resolutions, I don’t believe they work.  Change takes place gradually not overnight.

Thank you Laura.  I am loving the sound of this holiday house. You can expect the Fifi Friendly household to be making a booking there. We love Gullane too.