Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream

I can pretty much guarantee that every product I try from Living Nature I will love. Bit of a bold statement I know, but from the 100% natural ingredients,  to the effective formulas and even the slick packaging,  I have had success with all my previous blogs on them (mascara, body oil, tinted moisturiser). When I started to try out the Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream with active manuka honey I dove in with no fear.

This Nourishing Day Cream (50ml £31) is quite light weight in texture but not so much of a lightweight when it comes to nourishing and hydrating the skin. This nutrient rich cream works.  It is suitable for normal to dry skin and is excellent if you have sensitive skin too. If you are reading manuka honey in the ingredients you will be able to easily place some of the natural scent of this product. Manuka honey is not as sweet smelling as other honeys and when you mix it in with Totara Extract, you get lovely fresh smell.

This products is touted to be great at neutralising the damage of free radicals and that is something I cannot confirm, however I can confirm how this product felt on my skin. After first application my skin felt a little drier than it would do normally after I apply moisturiser. It would have been second nature to me to actually apply another level, but I hung fire. I am glad I did because my skin has settled into a nicely hydrated state.  It feels soft to touch. Matte to look at. Does not feel tight at all and it is a great base layer to apply make up on top of, without it sliding off.

I was asked recently to recommend a light nourishing moisturiser and this would be it.  As with all of Living Nature’s gorgeous range, this day cream is synthetic chemical free and contains no parabens, no mineral oil, no PEGs and no silicone (these are a few of the extensive free from list!).  Living Nature pride themselves on harnessing the natural healing power of their indigenous plants to make beautiful and effective products.

What are your favourite Living Nature products?