Home Scents Dog & Puppy Shampoo

One of the Fifi Friendly family members is our lovable Mr dog.  He is his happiest when he is out walking in one of our neighbouring fields. Apparently he is also very happy to find some ming out int the field and then roll in to. This doesn’t happen every walk. Just the ones after he has been given flea and worm treatments or if he is just in the mood to do it! Luckily for us, today was one of those walks. It was not the worst case I have seen … I  have had him come home as a brown lab before… but it was enough to make me frog march him to the shower when we got home.

Today he was brought back to his former glory with the help of Home Scents Dog & Puppy Shampoo. This 100% natural shampoo includes essential oils to soothe the dog (lavender), naturally protect them against insects (cedarwood), calendula, grapefruit seed extract and comes with a no itch formula. I was surprised at his lack of interest to escape the shower today. Perhaps he was enjoying it.

It smelt good to me anyway and I found it quite easy to lather up. It also seemed to rinse well. I have found some dog shampoos produce so much foam that you are there for ages rinsing! The foam also dispersed down the plug hole well instead of covering the bottom of the shower. The only downside is the state of the bottle for my pictures. I didn’t have time to do some pretty outdoor shots, I decided to take the pics in the bathroom after the event.

If you care about what you put on your skin and body then why would you not do the same for your pet. I can vouch for the smell, cleaning ability (!!!) and after effects of this shampoo. If it worked on the state of my dog, then I am sure it can work on anything!.

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