My lucky dog got a trip to his favourite store the House of Hound the other day. At first he was pretending to be shy and before we knew it, he was in true lab form and trying to steal some food and knocking anything in his way over. (My apologies to the lovely owners). That being said, he did seem to have a good visit, because not only did the owners think he was “calm” … (they said this before he knocked stuff over)….  but I also treated him to some of his favourite treats. He loves a rice & veg chew and also loves a pizzle.

My big brother recently asked me what a pizzle is and I can only describe it as the penis of a bull which has been dried out, stretched and sold for dogs. Funnily enough our conversation ended fairly quickly after that. Some people prefer to call them bully sticks. I will stick with pizzle, predominantly so I can get all Snoop Dogg when I say it.

It is fair to say my dog shows a number of behavioural traits when he sees a pizzle. First he is angelic. Sitting nicely. Looking alert. Tilting his head. Often shifting his feet if you take too long to pass it over to him. Then as soon as he has possession of the pizzle, the wild dervish comes out. He will run around the whole house having a mad turn, roll on the pizzle, throw it in the air and roll on it again for about 5 minutes. Then comes the peace as he quietly chews away at it.

Look at the concentration!

Pizzles are 100% natural and are easily digestible for dogs which makes them Fifi Friendly. (I do find it awkward writing that!). My only concern however, would be the smell of them. I am not going to lie, not such a nice smell. That said, they make me have a very happy dog, so I will suffer it for him. Not only is the pizzle free of additives, chemicals and preservatives, it is also great for cleaning the dog’s teeth and giving their gums a little massage.

Dog rolling on the pizzle

Probably the best thing about the pizzle stick is how long lasting it is. This keeps our dog occupied for an awful lot longer than normal chews!!

Still Rolling!

What is your dogs favourite natural chew?


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