Gut feel vs the Universe

I am a strong believer in my gut feel. Sometimes it is spot on the first time I meet someone or when I experience a situation, there are other times that it develops over time ….. but it is rarely wrong. Do you believe in signs? Coincidences, messages or unexplained happenings that lead you to understand a situation. It could be hearing a song, a saying or a place. Sometimes these hit you out the blue and irrevocably change your thinking. Other times, they come along at the perfect time and it just makes sense.

When my gut feel meets with signs, it becomes a bit of a force. Over the last few years this has started to make more sense. I don’t look for signs but I am more open to them when I realise them. These can be about work, family or love. You can work hard, you can have dreams, you can visualise what you want in life,  but I do believe things only happen if they are the right things for you.

I have been doing a lot of reading recently…. proper reading and not just flicking through pictures reading.  I am fairly fascinated with ideal about the universe and how things don’t just happen but they happen for a reason. Whether you call it our destiny, fate, written in the stars,  soul mates, signs or our fortune, events in our lives do happen for a reason or as a lesson.

One of the ideals I have read about is the Red String of Fate which is an Ancient Chinese proverb. It says that  “an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, despite the time, place and the circumstances. The red thread will stretch or tangle but will never break”.  Have you experienced times when you have realised you met someone at the point in your life you needed to meet them?  I have a friend, who although we don’t live in the same city or even country as each other, they always come back into my life inexplicably at the most perfect times. The times when they have the answers I have been looking for. They get what I am feeling or thinking. An unexplained connection. Very clearly. Scarily so. I do find this a little freaky if I am honest, but I love it equally.  I learn from our encounters every time. I have clear signs leading towards them. My gut is right about it every time.

I will leave you with this quote by Margaret J Wheatley which says

” We know from Science that nothing in the Universe exists as an isolated or independent entity”.

Be open to signs. Learn lessons from people. Trust your gut feeling. Enjoy what is out there for you.