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Green People

Another day and still the sunshine keeps coming. Anyone else keeping their bag of natural sunscreens at the back door for the family to be able to re-apply with ease. I am loving the award winning sun lotions from Green People just now. We normally have the SPF15 and a few of the SPF30 sun lotions in the house but have gone through all of our SPF30s this last couple of weeks.  The kids especially like the scent free one.


Why do I use SPF30 and not SPF50?

We might think that factor SPF50 offers nearly double the protection of SPF30 but we would be wrong! I recently read several articles that explained that an SPF30 sun lotion offers 97% protection against UVB rays in comparison to SPF50, which offers 98% protection.   For the difference of 1% I would much rather use an organic or natural sunscreen, rather than a traditional chemical sunscreen!

If we are regularly re-applying your sun screen then SPF30 are perfect for my family and they provide effective broad spectrum protection for both UVA and UVB! I know I will be asked this so I will just pop it on here, SPF15 offers 93% protection.


Why Green People Sun Lotions?

What makes the Green People Sun Lotions so great? They don’t leave me covered in white film and they blend into my so nicely without leaving me looking like and grease-ball.  Did I mention that these sun lotions have added natural anti-oxidants to leave our skin feeling so soft! My family loved using the Green People sun lotions on holiday because they worked, didn’t irritate our skin, didn’t t clog your pores but were still water-repellent.

All of Green People’s sun lotions contain no synthetic chemicals but do contain  skin loving ingredients like chamomile, edelweiss, aloe vera, green tea and avocado. for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.  My daughter is prone to prickly heat but has not had issues using any of the sunscreen range from Green People.  Finally, Green People donate a proportion of the sales of their sunscreen to the Marine Conservation Society.

Check out the travel sizes too which are just perfect for a day trip!

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