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I know that some people love to take a selfie, but the truth is I am not normally one of them. I have far too many dislikes of my facial features to take that kind of pride. Don’t get me wrong I am up for a group selfie if I am out with my girlfiriends …. normally a few proseccos down …. or taking a group picture when the kids demand one,  but I never really take one by myself. However, a curious thing happened following my visit to Face Gym. I found myself wanting to “pap” my face a lot. So much so, that the day I visited Face Gym at Selfridges officially became know as #selfiesaturday. Face Gym happened to my skin and I have been in awe of the effects ever since.

On #selfiesaturday, I wanted to make sure that I have took every opportunity to record the moment in time where my skin looked freaking amazing. I was worried that it would suddenly change back to… well not a glorious. The day after my facial I found myself looking in the mirror and before I knew it I would hear myself saying …. “oh my god how great does my skin look”. I said this a lot and I looked in lots of mirrors!

I will go into details of what my Face Gym Trainer did in a minute, but I think it is important to document something first. My lovely “Trainer” told me that I would see some changes immediately but that it would really be in the 4-6 week time that I would really see the difference. People… I am in that bracket of time …. I am still noticing changes…. and more to the point so are my friends. Woo hoo. One even commented that she thought I looked more “chiseled”….. #musictomyears. So lets talk more about what they did.

This wasn’t my first visit to Face Gym, I went last summer with my sister in law and loved it… so wrote this blog piece.  I loved it so much I insisted that my best friend visit when she was on a trip to London with her hubby. So, when I was in London recently and my hotel was one miraculously a mere one block along from Selfridges, it would have been rude not to visit. #highlightoftrip

I met my lovely Trainer who immediately started assessing my skin. When she said she would have loved to have done some laser on my skin but it was not hydrated enough, I was inwardly cursing to myself. Sadly a week of travelling, too much Champagne and 30 deg heat had all made an impact of my hydration levels ….. and my skin had suffered.  Drat. I was gutted to hear this. All was not lost, Elisabete discussed what we could do and we headed to their treatment room which is off the main floor.

We discussed my concerns ….. I tried to keep this to a small list ….. the my fat under my chin, surrounding skin texture, crows feet and forehead lines were high up there. We started off with a facial workout. This is vigorous …. as any workout should be …. but felt so good. Next we moved on to the radio frequency part of the facial. I had never had anything like this before and was a little scared by the look of the machine. My Trainer explained how it worked and I felt at ease. Essentially, and non technically, when applied to my skin, the device uses radio frequency to deliver deep dermal heat into the skin. This is great for skin tightening, re-modelling of collagen and also fat loss. Tick, tick, tick.  Elisabete, my Trainer, kept a close eye on the temperature of my skin throughout the treatment with a thermometer. I could definitely feel my skin heating up but not in an uncomfortable way.

Next up we moved on to the ultrasound part of my treatment. Now the only other time I have had an ultrasound was when I was pregnant. I had no idea what this would be like on my face… I mean, the only sonic thing I had tried on my face was a Clarisonic brush, but I figured this would be different. I was warned that some people were not keen on it and to be honest I can understand why.  The sound that rang through my ears when Elisabete first applied the device made me jump a little. It was a mixture between a dentist drill and the high pitched frequency noise that only dogs can hear.  Elisabete told me to relax and it would be better. I am not going to lie, I may have channelled some of my hypnobirthing breathing to get in the zone. I was also telling myself  to suck it up and how amazing my skin would look after lifting effect tool had worked it’s wonder. I was relieved when it was over.

The final device to be used on my skin was Pure Lift Face Technology. Pure Lift is exclusive to Face Gym at Selfridges and is described as like a ” power-plate for the face”. This super nifty gadget is fab for skin that is dull, sagging and generally showing more signs of ageing than we would like.  Using little micro currents, it tones and tightens the skin. This was a lot more manageable than the ultrasound and it was weird to feel the currents work across my face. To finish my treatment, my skin had nourishing hyaluronic serum applied and then some amazing Cult 51 products were massaged in.

Elisabete did some before and after pictures…. but even I could see the difference in my skin when I looked in the mirror before looking at these. These pictures just confirmed it from all angles. The lines in between my brows, the lines on my neck, my forehead lines and crows feet lines looked different. They were more ironed out. My complexion looked amazing.  When Elisabete confirmed I would probably notice the effects most after 4-6 weeks I was excited that it would get better. I was ecstatic with the results now!

I left Face Gym at Selfridges practically skipping. When I arrived at the hotel my skin “papping” started. I could not believe the difference. One month on I put a new profile picture up online and I was beaming to read the great comments about my skin and there were no filters applied whatsoever …. it was just me. Face Gym …. you are 5* Fifi Friendly. Your facial has done wonders for my skin, my confidence and I cannot wait to come back to visit you. Maybe next time I will get to try out the laser…. I promise to look after my skin until then.

Have you tried Face Gym?




  1. August 11, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    Hi Fifi,

    Your skin looks amazing in that photo, so congrats on finding something that works well for you! You look lovely! While the ultrasound does seem a little scary, I'm not going to rule it out in the future!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  2. August 11, 2015 / 2:58 pm

    It was a little for me…. I would definitely go for the rest of the treatment though.