Salt of the Earth Pure Aura Deodorant

salt of the earth pure aura

Sweat Baby, Sweat Mark 2….

The problem with sequels is that they often fade in comparison with the original. Have you ever heard anyone rave about Jaws II,  Cars 2, Blues Brothers 2000, Caddyshack II or Grease 2…. nope, thought so. As most of you, know I started my Fifi Friendly blog with a review of Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant here …. loved it and have not looked back.

I was delighted to hear in your messages that some of you have been converted too!  Crystal Spring has just launched a new product in their natural deodorant range – Pure Aura, which is scented with Lavender and Vanilla. I was hoping this new product would not disappoint. Like its predecessor, this 100% natural product leaves no white marks, contains bacteria inhibiting mineral salts and gives long lasting protection.

What is the difference?

Where it differs is that it is gorgeous blend of over 15 botanical extracts and oils. These include honeysuckle (anti- bacterial) and aloe vera (soothing). This deodorant only comes in a spray format due to the oil and mineral formulation. The mix of lavender and vanilla is very feminine, in a floral sweet way…. I liked  it and it is not a sickly sweet smell.

My only issue with this product, is if you over apply you get  beads of the product running down the top of arms. Albeit nice smelling beads! However, I think this is more due to my application skills than anything else! I road tested this product over a warm weekend, where I was doing lots of outdoor activities and heaving lifting. It proudly stood up to the test. A great positive of Salt of the Earth Pure Aura was I was able to use it later in the day for a refreshing touch up with great ease.


Perfect for summer

This is a lovely fresh smelling product. Great for summertime and holds all of the anti-whiff qualities of the original Salt of the Earth. If you liked the original or even if you didn’t, I would recommend trying this. Fifi Friendly 5*