The Revitalise range by Mallow + White

The Revitalise range by Mallow + White

Isn’t it funny how many skincare ranges define us by our age! In theory, my skin is classed as being mature but I am sure it is fairly similar to how it was in my mid 30’s.  In the same way we don’t just suddenly become a woman and grow a pair of breasts on our 16th birthday, our skin won’t suddenly change overnight to become more mature when we wake up to be 40. Don’t get me wrong I get that certain ingredients support a more mature skin or younger skin, however, how easy it is to define your skin type? Chronologically you can be classed in a certain bracket but what about physically? I took my entering into a new decade as a catalyst to review my skincare regime and test this theory. Were some products designed for a more mature skin going to be my new best friends?

I have made no secret of my love for the gorgeous and 100 % natural Mallow + White. They have such a fabulous ethos and carefully hand make their even more fabulous skincare range. One of my all time favourite products is their Restore Face Mask ….. skin heaven in a jar! It is part of Mallow + White’s award winning Restore range and couples up wonderfully with the Restore Facial Oil….. also a favourite! Truth be told I love the Restore Face Mask so much, the thought of using another clay mask has not occurred to me. So how was I going to get on trying their Revitalise range for a more mature skin?

My beloved Restore Face Mask adorns my skin in a wonderful green hue (the kids pretend I am a green a monster with it on), but with the Mallow + White Revitalise Face Mask ….. gone is my green hue and hello to a lovely pink tinge…. only for the next 5 minutes before I wash it off. (Amusingly, the first time I tried the Revitalise Face Mask  my 5 year old suggested my makeup wasn’t mixed in properly!) This multi-functional mask is made out 6 pure ingredients including french pink clay and I love that by activating it with water, it can be used as a face mask or a gentle and effective exfoliator. As a beautifier you can decide on which treatment you want, depending on how much time you have and your treatment is made fresh each time. I read on the jar that you can add facial oil, honey or yoghurt to to the mask for extra nourishment. Naturally I tried all three at once with relative ease and great results. #PersonaliseYourSkincare

So how does it work? Really well.  The mix of pink french clay, french red clay, moroccan lave clay, organic cornstarch, organic hibiscus flower and palmarosa essential oil are not only great at drawing out impurities but are equally good at cleansing, improving skin elasticity and  helping new skin form.  Eh …. hello …. how good does that sound! Whatever your age! How does it compare to my favourite Restore Face Mask? Well. It stands its ground. I really enjoy using the Revitalise Face Mask. It isn’t drying and my skin adores the effects of the 100% natural ingredients. This is the mask for me on days when my skin needs a bit more nourishment.

From the same range, comes the stunning Revitalise Facial Oil. Oh man, I could sit and smell this facial oil all day long …. love it. This natural little beauty is omega rich and packs an organic ingredient punch. Each of the 6 ingredients have been chosen to accomplish giving your skin the nourishment, regeneration, skin boosting and rejuvenating effects it needs.  Did I mention how great it smells? The blend of camellia oil, macadamia nut oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, mandarin essential oil and frankincense essential oil are simply sublime.

The Revitalise Facial Oil can be used in the morning and in the evening. I find that it massages in well and like the rest of Mallow + White’s Facial Oils, it can be used under make up. In my 2 week trial of using only this facial oil, I was never tempted to add anything extra on top of my skin for moisturisation. Now all I need is for Mallow + White to develop a natural spf product and I am good to go!

Mallow + White keep it perfectly simple. Their Revitalise range has proven to me that they don’t just have one hero product, they are consistently fabulous across the board! Their hand blended products continue to work wonders for me. They are 100% natural, fresh each time you make them up and utterly effective regardless of your age range. Their whole beautiful range, to me, epitomises the idea of treating your skin for how it is on that day rather than what age is attached to your body. Don’t let the “for mature skin” label scare you. The Revitalise range, for me, is so natural and perfect for when your skin needs a little bit more TLC. Go forth, nourish, soften and give your skin a little va va vooom!

I am really excited to see some new editions coming out from Mallow + White. Check out to find out more.