5 healthy teas you should be drinking now

Tea health benefits

Us Brits do love a cup of tea! Great for their instantly soothing benefits or to have a good old natter over. While tea has been part of many of our daily routines for years,  how many of you are you aware of the wonderful health perks of your cuppa? Teas don’t just taste great and hydrate us, they are cooling in summer, warming in winter and filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In fact, tea has so many other key health benefits too.  So, where do you start when it comes to looking at tea?    Go put the kettle on and take a read of my 5 favourite healthy teas that you should be drinking.



This summer, I am pretty sure that I drank my own body weight in Kombucha tea. This fermented Chinese tea comes in a variety of flavours and has a whole host of probiotic and antioxidants led benefits.  It tastes good and is fantastic for digestion, improving skin elasticity, great for energy levels and general detoxifying.  Some favourites of the FF family include Love Kombucha, Remedy Kombucha and Go Kombucha.


remedy kombucha





Calming Chamomile tea is actually a big favourite of one of children …. somewhat ironic as on a daily basis they are anything but calm. We are big fans loose leaf chamomile tea  and love its slightly sweeter taste. Chamomile tea is great to enjoy before bedtime and is also brilliant for inflamed skin or if you have a winter cold. Eteaket is our favourite for flavour – comes in loose-leaf or these tea bags.

Peppermint tea is great for all the family and is a fast worker when it comes to digestion aiding properties. Why not buy a mint plant to make your own! I personally like it hot, but keep a cold brew mint tea in the fridge as a refreshing drink for during the day.


Oolong is the newest tea that I have been trying after I was told of its natural energy-giving qualities by the lovely team at Eteaket in Edinburgh. These delicately flavoured tea hosts a powerhouse of benefits: lowers cholesterol, fights against sun damage on the skin, increases mental sharpness and has fat-burning qualities.


Matcha tea interestingly comes from the same plant as black, white and green teas, however it is powdered tea, so rather than being steeped the whole leaf is ingested. This green coloured tea is rich in antioxidants  – three times the amount of green tea- matcha tea is known to give extra energy,  improves mood and mental focus, is great for cardiovascular health and helps flush away toxins and chemicals from the body. Matcha latte anyone?


Other teas to check out include caffeine free Rooibos tea which has a high vitamin C content. It is great fo skin conditions – czema and rosacea symptoms can be improved due to Rooibos’ anti-inflammatory flavonoids.


There are so many varieties of tea to choose from. Each various health benefits from aiding digestion, calming, lowering cholesterol, giving energy and a good old detox. What is your favourite brew?



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