Makeup Brushes

vegan makeup brushes

It was going to happen sooner rather than later, but the 9-year-old has discovered makeup videos on IGTV and YouTube.  You may remember during the summer holidays when my the Chicago family were over she went out shopping with her older cousin and came home with a little present …. £50 pounds worth of makeup to be specific! So the other day when she asked if we could watch a few videos she quickly homed in on a few by Vogue Williams, Charlotte Tilbury and  Lisa Eldridge with Victoria Beckham Beauty …. the girl has style what can I tell you.

She pretty quickly got obsessed by some of the makeup brushes being used …. to be fair they are amazing …. and asked why I didn’t have ones like that …. so guess what is headed on my wish list for Christmas. Can you see where the inspiration for this post came?

I am often DM’d about vegan makeup brushes, so I have tried to include as many as possible below. Enjoy


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