Coco Caravan

When I have chocolate in the house it does not stay in the house for long. In fact it was extremely hard for me to hang on to my box of Coco Caravan Raw Chocolate with Sweet Fig from Good Food in Edinburgh. Why did I hang on? I knew that as soon as it was opened, there was no going back and it would be finished. The problem was that as soon as I saw them I instantly thought of my stepfather and knew he would love them, so I managed to hang on whole two days …miracles do happen… until I went to stay with him.

 Coco Caravan are based in Wales and lovingly make their range of vegan chocolate goodness by hand. They wanted to take chocolate back to how it should be – raw and pure. These bites of raw chocolate, coconut blossom nectar and sweet fig heaven are organic, soy lectin free, fair trade, vegan, contain unrefined and low fructose sugars and are additive and preservative free.

There is something wonderful about these caramelised figs dipped in dark chocolate. I found many an excuse to go into the box to have another few. We needed a little energy before a dog walk… box open. A little something to go with our morning coffee… box open. A delicious sweet tasting nugget after dinner…box open!

These are divine. They are nutrient rich because they are made with raw chocolate and have a lower GI. Great. I can feel guilt free having some more!

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