Working from home – need a desk?

Working from home – need a desk?

So much has changed over the last week and working from home is no longer a perk of a job …. it is becoming the new norm for so many of us. Did any of you see the picture that the CEO of Aegon posted of him working at home with his co-workers/kids? For about 5 years I worked from home and had my little schedule completely down. However as this week has shown me, working from home with another adult and two home learning kids is a whole different kettle of fish. One of our major bottlenecks…..aside of the squabbling or getting hyper or being hungry all the time or photobombing my video conference calls….. is desk space. Time to create some dedicated workspaces for us all.

Create a dedicated workspace

Most of us dont have a spare room that we can turn into an office, so it may be time to get creative. Top tip, no matter how great the call is, probably best resist working al -beddo. Keep your bed for sleeping in.

Where else can you use? The kitchen counter may work in the short term but as more of us are headed towards extended periods of working from home, you may want something more permanent.  We quickly discovered this week that one adult and two kids using the kitchen table as a work/learning space was not so great ….  insert all the gifs here!

Now is the time to carve out a dedicated work space and one that you can separate easy enough from your domestic life at the end of the day. So we are investing in an extra desk. Thank goodness for online ordering. There are a great number of online stores that use more sustainable materials for office furniture too. These are some of our favourite ones below and would love to hear if you have found any good ones. My youngest has opted for one of these from Habitat.


Habitat Nathan Corner Desk Nathan Desk in black and bamboo – £125



habitat cato desk

Cato desk in sage  £150



Habitat Scout ladder desk

Scout Oak Ladder Desk

At time of writing they have an offer on where you get 20% off an office chair if you buy a desk



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