Vaishaly – Festive Fast Five

Vaishaly Festive Fast Five Fifi Friendly

As I write this, I awkwardly realise that I don’t actually know the last name of the latest person to answer the Festive Fast Five, Vaishaly!  Known as a superfacialist or the brow queen, this well renowned skincare expert has joined the league of monomynous personalities …. like Oprah, Cher, Bono, Drake, Adele, Twiggy and Madonna…. and is known simply by her first name.

Based in Marylebone, one of my personal favourite neighbourhoods of London, Vaishaly’s clinic is often described as a sanctuary where skin is holistically treated as gently and naturally as possible.  Winning a cabinet full of awards over the years, Vaishaly’s philosophy is encouragingly less is more and with an importance on the mind-skin connection.

This philosophy has been a winning formula and for over two decades Vaishaly has been looking after some of the best kept skins in the business …. Rachel Weisz, Elle Macpherson, Keira Knightley, Sophie Dahl, Gwyneth Paltrow. Today she is answering her Festive Fast Five.

What is your top well-being tip from 2018 and top beauty tip to keep that glow this festive season? 

Never let things get to you. Always remember life is like a moving film clip, it will always pass you by and you will always come out at the other end. How many times have we all looked back and thought what was I stressing about it all worked out in the end. This time of the year when it’s colder and the heating is on, our skins become more dry and dehydrated; so always use a serum/oil at night to wake up with lovely, soft, hydrated skin to get the glow back.

What has been your favourite social media account to follow this year?  Emma Grede, who is co-founder and CEO @goodamerican. My dear friend who is such an inspiration to me.

Five products that I could not live without…. Vaishaly Night Nourisher, YSL false eyelashes mascara, make up forever HD concealer, Issey Miyake perfume and Bobbi Brown cream blush.

What is your best bit of 2018 and what are you looking forward to most in 2019? 2018 working on new products which has been so exciting! Looking forward to seeing them launch in 2019.

My new year’s resolution is …. Surrounding myself with positive, good energy people and cut off from those who are not. Then you will move forward through life being happy. Also taking more time out for myself just to retreat and relax from working so hard.