Salcura Shower Gel

I started off with the working title of “My Favourite Salcura Product” but I realised this was not going to work. Not that it is not a favourite, because it is a favourite. However, Salcura Shower Gel for Sensitive & Dry Skin has become one of a few Salcura products that I don’t like to be without.

Salcura Shower Omega Rich Shower Gel for Sensitive and Dry Skin

 I knew I liked it when I noticed that I was getting protective over it. These signs included when Mr Fifi Friendly borrowed it and I found myself wanting to police how much of it he was actually using. ” A little goes a long way” I found myself saying. On another occasion, I had started my own shower only to realise that the shower gel was not in the shower with me. It was in fact downstairs beside the PC ready and to be blogged on. One was not happy. I wasn’t ready to go back to soap.
Salcura Shower Omega Rich Shower Gel for Sensitive and Dry Skin
So what is so great? I will level with you and say that I am not really a shower gel kind of person…. well not normally. Mr Fifi Friendly takes that mantle for that in this household….. I am sure goes through about a bottle a week…. slightly excessive and probably why I became protective over my Salcura bottle! I first got this shower gel for free when I ordered some Bioskin Junior products before Christmas. I cast my olive oil soap to the side and decided to use this shower gel all week. I have not looked back.
Salcura Shower Omega Rich Shower Gel for Sensitive and Dry Skin
It smells kind of citrus like and really refreshing. Lovely for first thing in the morning.  It’s natural ingredients are hydrating, nourishing, calming and soothing. This omega rich product is also free from perfume, preservatives, paraffin, colouring, SLS and chemicals. The restorative and reparative qualities make this a good alternative for shaving also. I feel a bit silly to say that it actually cleans, but trust me I have tried natural shower products that don’t seem to do that job!
Have you tried it?

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