Bodyfayre Volumising Shampoo

Bodyfayre Volumising Shampoo

Pump up the volume…

One awkward moment a few months ago, my delightful big brother suggested to me that “maybe you need to to add less volume to your hair Fi”.  Que? He then went on to say “you don’t need to volumise it that much!”  Given that I had spent a good 30 minutes that morning trying to dry and straighten my hair! My hair recently developed a kink/almost afro-like curl at the back and my previous hairdresser would get her colleagues to come and look at “how weird Fi’s poker straight fine hair has gone since having kids” hair. Did he not know it was a sensitive conversation? Needless to say, my hair has never been brought up again and my delightful brother was left unharmed in the process. It may seem a little bit strange that I decided to try Body Fayre Volumising Shampoo ( to review.

Firstly, it is made with 70.2% organic ingredients.  It contains no parabens, no sulphates, no artificial colours or fragrances and is not tested on animals. Secondly, it is meant to provide gentle cleansing for fine, oily or limp hair.  My coloured locks are prone to a little bit of greasiness after a day of flicking!! Finally I love the smell of eucalyptus and lemon, which happen to be the main scents and there are a few of you that this may help.

The 250ml bottle comes in a compact size and with a flip top. The smell is wonderful. The shampoo comes out the bottle easily and lathered ok. It was not laden with bubbles, which would make you think you need to use more when you don’t. After rinsing my hair felt somewhat coated and when it came to brushing my hair it was more sticky than normal. I was worried what the end result would be like as things were not looking to promising  as it stood. It was harder to dry my hair than normal but when it was dry it looked shiny, lay well and smelt good.

I wondered if it was my hair that took this reaction and maybe other hair would not feel the same after washing. So…. I enlisted a few guinea pigs ( my mum, other half and two children) to try this shampoo out. My mum who has fine chin length hair…with no weird kink in it and who would use a volumising product…. found the hair slightly sticky after washing but dried well also. The other half liked it and how the eucalyptus made his skin feel. That said he has a grade 2 clipper cut so not sure how volumising it would be…. but his hair did not feel sticky before drying. The kids hair looked good afterwards although I am not sure how much volume it added to their hair.

To conclude, Body Fayre Volumising Shampoo with Eucalyptus and Lemon does give nice results once you get passed the sticky hair stage. The smell is great and the eucalyptus is really refreshing on the scalp. If I was wanting to volumise my hair….not for now…. I would want to use another volumising product. Shampoo is very much a personal thing, what works for some, won’t for others.  Interested to hear how you get on.

Ingredients: – Aqua, decyl glucoside, lauryl betaine, xanthum gum, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder *,  phenoxyethanol, citirc acid, benzoic acid,  dehydroacetic  acid, eucalyptus  extract, lemon extract.
* Certified organic

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