Gluten Free Kids Cereals

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Finding food that makes breakfast time easy is the goal in my house just now.  All of our cereals are gluten free and helpfully our local Sainsbury’s has a really good selection of kids cereals in the free from aisle. There is so much choice, lots of great brands and it is not all about muesli or porridge …. although my two love porridge! The favourites in our household, so far, come from Doves Farm Organic ( and Nature’s Path Organic (

Doves Farm Organic have a great range of gluten free products from cereal to flour to pasta to biscuits.  We always buy their Chocolate Stars and Cocoa Rice breakfast cereal… You would never guess that we like chocolate in our house!  The Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Stars comes in a 375g pack with a kid friendly space design on the front. It is made of organic chocolate, maize and rice.  The stars themselves are a great size and hold their crunch really well in milk. They are also really tasty as a snack by themselves.

Doves Farm Fifi Friendly

Doves Farm Organics Gluten Free Cocoa Rice is another great option and is made out of organic rice and cocoa.  Although this contains sugar, I was surprised that it actually has less sugars in it than many of the traditional kids cereals.  It tastes great and the cocoa leaves the milk with a fab natural flavour. One bowl of this quickly becomes two bowls!


Natures Path Fifi Friendly

I only really started to buy Nature’s Path Organic Cereals this year when we were looking at gluten free options for my son.  Lovely brand and the designs of their Munch and O’s cereal boxes are appealing to kids. The Nature’s Path Gluten Free Munch Cereal has a hedgehog on the front and the cereal itself is made out of whole grain organic corn balls. These are really crunchy and don’t get soggy in milk quickly.

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Nature’s Path Organic Gluten Free O’s Cereal is a combination of organic corn and whole grain rice. Again they do not go soggy immediately, which is great if you don’t hoover cereal quickly.  It is unsurprising that these are a best selling cereal.  With 13.3g that sugars per 100g, O’s has one of the lowest sugars value I have seen in a kids cereal ….and still taste good.


natures path mesa sunrise fifi friendly

Yes they are great for kids but equally yummy for adults. I would also like to give a big shout out to Mesa Sunrise which is another favourite for the whole family. I would love to hear which gluten free cereals get your vote!

Doves Farm Ogranic Chocolate Stars Ingredients: Maize*, Rice Malt*, Sugar*, Chocolate 5%* (Cocoa Mass*, Sugar*, Soya Lecithin), Cocoa*, Salt. *Denotes Organically Grown.

 Doves Farm Organic Cocoa Rice Ingredients: Wholegrain rice* (71%), Sugar*, Cocoa* (4%), Glucose Syrup*, Salt.

Nature’s Path Organic Munch Ingredients: Wholegrain corn meal*, corn meal*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt. *Organic.

Nature’s Path Organic O’s Ingredients: Brown rice flour*, corn flour*, raw cane sugar*, pomegranate juice concentrate*, sea salt.





  1. August 12, 2014 / 9:09 am

    Great blog and very true. Much of my family are gluten free (a mixture of allergies and intollerences, however two have epipens). I totally agree, these cereals are fantastic and my children love them too. There are a few other good gluten free cereals about too. Happy eating! 😉

  2. August 12, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Thanks for sharing Jayne. We now have the whole range in the cupboard. Awesome stuff.