…….And here it begins

…….And here it begins

Over the last decade I have been on a never-ending search of all things Fifi Friendly. Having discovered I got a skin reaction to certain ingredients that existed within most of my daily cosmetic and beauty products, I became fascinated by the natural product world. I read lots of articles on the health benefits of using products that do not include benzoates and parabens. Although I found many interesting sites which told me all the good points of using these less chemical products, I have struggled to find a good reviewing source of them.  Many of my good friends now quote products as being “fi” or “fifi” friendly products….. here is where I begin

As Fifi Friendly, I hope to provide good, honest, no nonsense reviews of the natural side of the beauty market as my starting point. I hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed doing it.

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  1. May 11, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    Love it! I'm such a doubting Thomas I never give these things a go. I think you've just inspired me 😀