Salt of The Earth Foot Spray

Salt of the Earth was the first product I ever wrote about on Fifi Friendly. I love their award winning Natural Deodorants. Fact. When I heard they when bringing out a Foot Spray I had high hopes.  The Salt of The Earth Foot Spray is an 100% natural deodorant for your feet.  It is enriched with aloe vera, willow bark, radish root and smells refreshingly of menthol.

Does it work? Those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook will already be aware of the tough testing conditions this product has been under. Yes the instructions state to apply to clean feet but I decided to go beyond this.  This easy to use spray has been trialed on the following

  • kids feet after football and also direct in their school shoes
  • feet that had been closely attached to trainers during a 4 day stay at hospital with one of the kids
  • sprayed on feet before they were to stuck in leather shoes while travelling
  • as a cooling spray straight on feet that were just out of wellies  after long daily hike
  • post gym
  • morning after a lot of dancing in heels!

I really like this product. Big thumbs up. It delivers. It is wonderfully cooling. It is so relaxing to massage into clean feet. I also found it worked well direct into shoes, although it is not advertised to do this. Goodbye smelly, tired and sore feet. Have a look at their website to find out more.

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