A to Z of Fifi Friendly Body and Beauty

This started off as an A to Z of all things Fifi Friendly, but the truth is these Body and Beauty folks needed their own compilation!! Welcome to some of my favourites.

Aurelia. Since I first tried their products nearly a year ago here,  I now find myself using their Eye Revitalising Duo most days, fell in love with the Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil  and totally understand all the hype behind The Miracle Cleanser.

Bloom Remedies. Such a beautiful range of award winning skincare. My favourites include their Daily Revive Face Oil, Hydrating Facial Toner and Men’s Moisture Care. I have just started to use their Bath Oil and Face Cleanser …. stunning.
Content Beauty. This is my mother ship of all things green beauty. I have made a few successful shops online with them and was introduced to some of my make up favourites including W3ll People, Vapour Organic, Ilia and RMS.  I was so excited to visit the store in person this summer.
Dr Bronners. This soap is used everywhere in the Fifi Friendly household.  In the shower, to wash hands and also in the kitchen. I have noticed such a difference to my hands since I started to use it. Love that you can buy it in different sizes too.
Extra Hydration. My skin changes fairly regularly. I try to drink a good amount of water to help with hydration but sometimes my skin needs more. I love the Botanical Hydration Booster by Sukin. Their Shampoos and Conditioners are also great at hydrating my hair.
Face Gym made such a difference to my skin when I first visited them for a facial workout last year. This summer I was literally blown away by what they did to my skin here. My neckline, my wrinkles, my skin tone, my skin hydration …. they tickd all the boxes in improving my skin after they work their wonder. Love this place. I am desperate to go back soon and try out the laser treatments!
Goe Oil by Jao Brand is a miracle in a tube as far as I am concerned. It is a fab blend of 28 plant, fruit oils and butters. It can be used on the face, hands, hair, as a makeup remover ….and so much more.
HoneyBee Gardens was a mascara that I was recommended to try. I took a chance and ordered it off Amazon. I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the wand. Loved the natural ingredients and also loved the result.
Ilia Beauty was in my first makeup overhaul from Content Beauty. I wanted a bright and generally awesome lip colour and their Lip Crayon in Kharma Chameleon has never let me down. Such a fab colour.  Great lasting pigment. Super smoothing on my lips. Love the crayon application.
Jane Iredale first came into my world when it was one of the samples included in a Content Beauty order, Lip Drink is still a product you will find in my bag everyday.  Since then I bought their Liquid Eyeliner this summer when I was in London. It is the first “green beauty” liquid eyeliner that has worked for me.
Kahina Giving Beauty doesn’t just do beautifully natural products and they don’t just perform on the skin …. they are also ethically sourced, organic, sustainable and have a fantastic ethos. The women who extract the beautiful Argan oil used in these products, are at the heart of the products and a percentage of the profits goes back to them.
Living Nature at Botanical Brands was one of the first brands I covered on the blog. I can remember the first time I tried their products on an Air New Zealand flight about 8 years ago. Loved them then and love them now. Their Tinted Moisturiser,  Mascara, Flax Serum, Vitality Body Oil, Lip Balm, Lipstick and Lip Pencil,  Nourishing Day Cream and Sensitive Night Moisturiser have all featured on the blog. I was also delighted to be their Blogstar Award last year.
Mallow + White are a new brand for me but their awesome Restore Face Mask has been a welcome addition to my weekly skincare routine.  I love that it is a multi-tasker. Best as a face mask, but if I don’t have enough time it is fantastic as an exfoliator too.
Natural feminine care is an area that you can easily change. Why use toxin, plastic and chemical stacked tampons and sanitary products when you don’t need to. Natracare, Naty and TOTM have some great feminine care ranges.
Odylique has been providing natural skincare products for over 12 years. I love their Candy Body Scrub, Hand Smoothie and also their Timeless Rose Moisturiser as reviewed here.  Their range is so much larger than I thought! Love that all their packaging is recycled and non-toxic.
Perfume by Lurk. This New York based perfume brand is one of my favourites. They are hand blended, hand poured, essential oil full, and artisan at it’s best. I like the whole range. There is one for every day, every mood, every occasion. Lurk …..Stunning.
Queen for a day … I don’t mean put on a crown … I mean get pampered. Get a massage. Go to a wonderful spa. Have a facial. If you can’t get away then take a bath with your favourite face mask. I have been lucky enough to have been spoilt rotten in some great spas. These are my favourites ….Herbhouse Spa at Limewood, Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and Fletchers Cottage at Archerfield  House.
Rosehip and Rose with Mel Mellis. I have grown to absolutely love the smell of rose. When I first tried some of Mel Millis’ products I fell in love with them as soon as I smelt them. The Mel Millis Organic Rose Hydrolate Mist is so beautiful as a product and naturally Fifi Friendly. The Organic Phytonutri Cleansing Oil and Organic Phytonutri Rosehip & Pomegrante  Repair Serum are stunning.
Sunscreen by Derma e is the best sunscreen that I have ever tried!  It is clear, natural, 100% vegan, fragrance free, nanoparticle free and great for my whole family! The Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen with Clear Zinc Oxide does everything I want a sunscreen to do and it free from nasties. Searching for a great natural sunscreen was one of the things that made me consider doing Fifi Friendly. This product has had the most positive response back from the most countries than any other blog I have written.
Trevarno is a great brand that was first used on me during a massage whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall.  This then inspired me to go and visit Trevarno at their farm. They use certified organic ingredients from their farm in their products.  I love their Sweet Orange & Vanilla Bath & Body Oil, Organic Revitalising Face Oil, Lip Balm and their Rose & Jojoba Moisturiser.
Uliano – Sophie Uliano to be exact…. is the talented author of Gorgeously Green and curator of a fantastic website for all things green. I love her DIY tips, helpful videos, great books and enthusiasm.  Get online and make one of her DIY beauty recipes. I have just ordered the ingredients to make her Anti- Ageing Neck Oil after watching one of her videos.
Picture property of Sophie Uliano/Gorgeously Green

Virdian Vitamins and supplements have become part of my family’s daily routine over this last year. I have found a brand that is natural and their products really work for me. I love their High Five Multivitamin and Mineral Formula, Organic Ultimate Beauty Oil,  High Potency Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Equinox Elixir, 100% Organic Soul Food Greens,  Essential Female Multi and the Viridikids Range that my kids take everyday.

W3ll People … where do I start….. I  love so much about them. They are another brand introduced to me by the lovely staff at Content Beauty. Their makeup is now a staple in my daily routine. The Bio Brightener highlighter is awesome. The Bio Bronzer is such a natural colour… love it. The Hypnotist Mineral Eye pencil stays put and the Elitist Mineral Eye Shadow creates such a great smokey eye. Read about my haul of their products here. I am about to order their Mascara and will let you know how I get on.
X marks the spot. We are all comfortable to talk about what goes on our bodies, how green our lip liner is, but we are a bit less vocal when it comes to how green or non-toxic our sex life is. The amount of products and brands out there to help you lead a more natural and non-toxic sex life are way more than I knew. Who knew about glass dildos… yes…awkward …. or paraben free personal moisturisers and fair trade condoms. To find out more you can read part 1 and part 2 which will give you an insight.


You have to start somewhere …. and I started with Deodorant. The first review I ever wrote was about the Salt of the Earth natural deodorant.  I finely understood that not using antiperspirant actually made me sweat less! Whether you use a natural spray, a stick or a cream …. this is a great place to start your clean beauty journey. I also found that they don’t have to be repurchased as often too …. longest lasting product?. Wholefoods have a great range to choose from and where I bought my first one.
Zoya makes some amazing nail polishes! I first bought a Zoya Nail Polish at Wholefoods when I bought Paz. This wonderfully orange polish is still one of my favourites for summer time. My other favourite is Anja. These formaldehyde, toulene, camphor and dibutyl phthalate free polishes last really well, protect my nails and work better for me than any other polishes I have tried. Today I am rocking my Anja.






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