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The Fifi Friendly kids had only been back at school a week and the dreaded “return to school” lurgies were doing the rounds. Ooft! This was not the great start to the year I wanted, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Yes the kids have a good varied diet and they do love a freshly made green “swamp” juice, but I wanted to give them a bolster with some supplements and vitamins to help boost their immunity. Enter the dream team from Viridian. Viridikid Multivitamin & Mineral capsules, Children’s Synbiotic and  Viridikid 100% Organic Omega-3 oil.

Viridian Viridikid 100% Organic Omega 3 Oil

 I find it annoying that most of the readily available kids supplements do tend to have a load of nasties in them…. (picture if you will the cartoon character vitamin “sweeties” as an example). Viridian on the other hand is pure with 100% active ingredients. Viridian has been leading the way in ethical vitamins since 1999 and their Viridikid range is not bulked up with talc or filled with sugar. Given that there are no gimmicks attached, how did they stand up in front of my two?

Viridian Viridikid Multivitamin & Mineral Capsules

First up for the trial was the Viridikid Multivitamin & Mineral capsules.  Yes you read right, capsules. Yes, when I first read this all I could think was there was no danger my two would swallow them. I find capsules hard to swallow so how am I going to talk a 4 and 5 year old through this! Surprisingly they were really excited by the prospect of their new vitamins and were high fiving each other when they swallowed their capsule down. If you feel that your child would not swallow these very small vegetarian capsules, there is the option to put the contents into some yogurt or juice.

Viridian Viridikid Multivitamin & Mineral Capsules

These super tiny capsules are packed full of all the essential vitamins and minerals your child needs from Zinc to Vitamins B6 and Vitamin D2. I am really impressed. It is fairly early on but I have noticed that their moods and sleeping have both improved ……. that is certainly something to applaud. The kids are still excited to take them and will now heckle me if I do not have them laid out for them. Suitable for kids from 2 -14+ years old these have been a big hit in our house. Goodbye lurgies and character shaped sugar and additive filled kids vitamins.  Hello happy kids. £15.76 from Viridian for 90 capsules.

Next up we started to use the Viridikid 100% Organic Omega 3 Oil.  Luckily my children do seem to adore Salmon and most fish, however I am mindful that most children, including mine, are lacking in essential fatty acids including Omega 3. These are crucial in some many aspects of their growth. It was a no brainer for us to include this  Omega- 3 Oil in the children’s supplement overhaul. A 200ml bottle costs £9.85 from Viridian and should last about 40 spoonfuls. My initial thoughts were that this would taste vile. On the contrary it was surprisingly pleasant. I suspect the natural flavours of organic vanilla and orange oils help with this.

Continuing with Viridian’s strong organic, vegan and active ingredient ethics, this oil is also first cold pressed and solvent free. We found the blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9 quite easy to take and the kids were happy to take it from a spoon. It could also be added to food to be fair. If your child finds the oil taste a bit weird, this can be overcome by giving it with their breakfast milk or drink.

The ingredients in this blend include Organic hemp, golden flax seed and avocado oil, and are a who’s who of healthy oils. I am happy to admit I have tried it myself as part of a salad dressing, which worked really well.

Viridian Children's Synbiotic

Finally, we have been trying the Children’s Synbiotic High Potency Multistrain Flora. At first I was like ” que”, what is this?  We are talking probiotics here people!! How many of you take probiotics yourself? Now how many of you give them to your children? I am guessing there is a marked difference here.  This probiotic comes in a powder form and can easily be taken on a spoon or added to cereal or yoghurt for example. My two took to this really quickly as well and happily on the spoon. One actually asked for more on the first day.

Viridian Children's Synbiotic

There have been a few studies to show that probiotics show signs of benefiting a number of childhood health problems from allergies to constipation to infections.  I will be really interested to see the improvements this powder has on my two over the next few months. This Children’s Synbiotic ( £16.45 from Viridian) will be remaining in our arsenal against the dreaded lurgy and also keeping the kids fit and healthy.

My box of Viridian goodness before I unwrapped it. Great Packing!

Thoughts … big thumbs up. This gluten, dairy and wheat free vegan range is fairly awesome. The kids don’t need gimmicks to take vitamins and have taken to these products really well.

5* Fifi Friendly for Viridian Kids  Range!!

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