method Washing Up Liquid and Daily Shower Cleaner

method washing up liquid

I am a big fan of using naturally active products to clean my house. I have a couple of go to brands and one of them is method.  Their non-toxic approach to cleaning means their products are filled with plant-based ingredients. This naturally derived approach really works.  A couple of their products that I have been using recently include the method Ultra Concentrated Washing Up Liquid and The Daily Shower Non-Toxic Surface Cleaner.

The Ultra Concentrated Washing up Liquid  comes in a 523ml bottle with a pump dispenser. One thing I love about method is  that their packaging made from recycled plastic as well as looking great at the sink.  The pump dispenser is perfect for when you have mucky hands and makes it easy to dispense the liquid straight into the sink without opening an annoying cap, flipping it over etc. There is a mechanism to allow you to twist and open/close the dispenser, but to be honest I am happy to leave it pump ready!

I love the smell of this washing up liquid too, clementine. So fresh! You do not need a lot of the liquid at all. I find I use the same amount of liquid as I would do with my old concentrated washing up liquid. This bottle does appear to be emptying less quick than my old liquid, bonus.  As a cleaner it cuts through grease well and the gentle clementine fragrance did not leave a potent smell on any of the dishes/gym bottles.  Impressive stuff so far and it does not dry your hands out!

fifi friendly method

We like to use showers in the Fifi Friendly household ….. always good to hear. The glass on the side of our showers is however prone to looking a bit…meh after a couple of uses. I have been using the method Daily Shower cleaner… daily… and noticed a big difference. First of all it smells ridiculously good, I am not a lover of strong chemical smelling products.  Secondly, it is really easy to just spray and then leave it to do the work. Result as I am not the biggest cleaning fan in the world. Thirdly, it works. No hard work, no scrubbing at shower tray, no cleaning the glass, this product does it!

I have also just tried this Shower Spray in a shower that had been used to spruce up a mucky dog!!!! Lets just say, the shower smells good and there is no hint of grime anywhere!! I love products that are naturally effective and work hard for me. #cleanhappy

Do you use any method Products?