Cocoa Libre – Amazing & Dairy Free

Good things come in small packages. Awesome things come in a Cocoa Libre packet. I tasted my first handmade Cocoa Libre recently and was blown away. Slightly dramatic sentence, but this is dairy free chocolate at it’s best.  There are so many poor attempts at dairy free chocolate bars and Easter eggs where all the flavour is masked by the taste of sugar.  Cocoa Libre dairy free chocolate on the other hand allows you to taste and enjoy the flavour of the cocoa.

I tried the Cocoa Libre Orange Milk Chocolate (£1.95) for my first Cocoa Libre experience. For starters, this brand has stunning packaging and it is no shock to hear that it’s founder has a graphic design background. Secondly and most importantly, this is a brand who are great at artisan chocolate making. It is such a treat to have an orange flavoured dairy free chocolate that tastes AMAZING and that is not dark chocolate.

Cocoa Libre have achieved a wonderfully creamy and indulgent handmade bar of chocolate heaven. For me, this is a dairy free bar for the chocolate lover whatever your age. I love that the bar can be broken into chunky sizes which are so satisfying to eat. I love that 50g packet can easily fit in my bag. I love that it is super Fifi Friendly and free from dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts and is vegan and coeliac friendly.

To be fair,  I pretty much love everything about this chocolate. My son and stepfather, who are the backup chocolate tasters in the Fifi Friendly household, gave Cocoa Libre a massive thumbs up! A short review, but there are only so many LOVES that I can write…. I think you get that Cocoa Libre is being awarded a 5* Fifi Friendly!!! Congratulations Cocoa Libre. You have a great product, I love your story of how you began and suspect you will be deservedly armed full of more awards soon. If you have not tried any of the gorgeous Cocoa Libre range you can buy it from their website  or at various online stockists (including Holland & Barrett, Viva Shop and Vegan Tuckbox).